Micro Surgery - Part 3 - Dealing With Limpers

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In this episode of Micro Surgery Boomer will explain what problems a limper can cause to you and how to deal with these to gain maximum profit against this generally poor move.


Micro Surgery series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • emotv


    Another Great video Boomer. Expectially Thanx for new chart for iso play.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    nice one once more!

    of course there will be several recommendations for a isolationrange.

    But I like raising any2 Ax, even A2o against a callingstaion if I'm in the BU and the blinds are not very loose (so it's oftren getting HU), if the callingstation is loose pre (which is the case in most times), we do have an EQ-edge and we can just play bet flop bet turn FFSD. It depends on the limper of course but against the really loose and passive ones I like to raise any Ax and any PP.

    Whereas I am folding JTo almost always in this spot, I think it's just too bad to isoraise. Suited connector style hands are depending on the limper, if it's a callingstation I trim off such hans as 87s, 98s, T8s, J8s and so on although it can't be a big mistake to isoraise them, playing IP versus a fish HU with Initiative against a wide range with a "big potential hand" can't be too bad obviously ;)

    ok you are saying that a few seconds later with Ax hands.

    As I said, every player will have some differences in his range of course, but I really like that you are giving explicit recommendations and you're really saying exactly with which hands you would make that play and where your cuts are. I really like that as many coaches are quite unexplicit here.
    Of course you may be wrong with some hands if you give explicit raisingranges but it helps a lot to see a specific range, so you can imagine what it should be like and creating your own range based on that.
  • scion


    Great video as always
  • Pikfrik


    one more great video Boomer...thx
  • szoketomi


    moron bet/call bet fish...
  • Harnas31


    well done
  • squat666


    small stakes hold'em 2003 is a bible :)