How to play a freeroll

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In this video Lisa will explain some of the basics that you have to keep in mind when playing a freeroll tournament.


freeroll Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • wategun7


    When I used to play freerolls I tried to maximize the ratio $EV/estimated time used. As I don't really want to spend hours to just finish outside the bubble.

    So basically I am risk seeking in the early stages and shove any two cards. When i have at least quadrupled in chips, then I start playing properly.

    I think this is not a bad idea (as long as you didn't get rakeback anyway)- I ended up winning the UK freeroll 3 times in 3 months- despite not playing everyday (of course I had some run goods).
  • BlackmanCR11


    Yous should be a Poker Prayer to win a freerol ... Go All In and Praaaaay
  • purple16


    #2 +1

    At early stakes when blinds are low I'm also trying to see flop with every hand, then as soon as I accumulate proper amount chips I start playing properly :)
  • purple16


    edit: "at early stages" :)
  • PxKx


    I played alot of freerolls for a while earned qite much on it.

    Same play as the rebuy period in turbo $3+R

    Thanks for a good video Lisa. Good summarize.
  • h10drhl


    Very good!
  • flypoker001


    good video, should help me stay in the tournaments for longer than 20 minutes lol.

    keep up the good work, i will need more videos for help
  • trzasku


    Very useful video, thank you! I wonder if the strategy recommended by wategun7, purple16 and PxKx is actually good. I think I will begin a discussion about it in the forum :)
  • ikplayr


    I've tried a few freerolls but cannot get through the first hour... Always go all in with KK of AK and the loose
  • BitLow


    in freerolls AA