PLO Highstakes with Jens Kyllonen

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $5000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video for nosebleed star Jens Kyllonen reviews various hands that he played on PLO5k. Watch and get an insight to the strategy that earned millions on the highest stakes.


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Comments (24)

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  • OnkelHotte


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • styx528


    Nice vid. Just don't move your mouse like a mad man, it drives me crazy^^
  • cYde


    Nice video. Please keep showing the folded hands like you did in the next video. I play a lot of shallow games as well and I think that Preflop decisions are important even though they might not be as interesting as Postflop play. I'd like to see at least one more shallow PLO video like this before you move to fullstacked play hopefully :-)
  • marcusfux


    very good vid thx. just one question why are u not playing full stacked?
  • Kojika


    I'd love to see videos of you playing with deeper stacks.

    Thanks for the video ;)
  • Nazgul


    nice video thx :)!, for me one of the most interessting Hands regarding the table dynamics is your ds p Q-high rundown @ about min 36, I liked your line pre. On the Flop I still would pick your line by checking behind, you are perfectly balanced with nuts, some draws your taking free cards, low rundowns your giving up or Hands like AKJx which your giving up too. I guess you basicly shoving your AQ,KQ type hands and very strong draws like KJTx with spades. So I think for Benny it is a great spot to check fold flop AAxx, cause like you mentioned you are not really bluffing in this szenario ( protceted pot, no side pot). So my question is regarding your turn play. The line line which you picked like cb, shove turn looks even stronger to me, cause it really fits more your nut type flop play cb, then the others. So I think benny could perfect adjust by still c/f AAxx, KKxx, cause your range is now too strong. With a spade draw or JTxx you would taken the other freecard again, so the only hand you do it as a bluff is probably double fd but most strong draws with backdoor fd you would have probably gotten in on the flop.The only drawing hand you represent is something like 9876ds, with fd on the flop which wanted to give up, but now turn second fd and inside wrap draw..
    So I would consider maybe a head explosion bet: the advantage is you stay perfectly balanced. The other thing is bluffing making benny fold a better hand with your drawing outs is not too bad too, even if shinbar is taking the pot down, cause you missed you didn t risk anything and you do not mind playing shinbar deepstack sh cause he is not used to it, and will stack to light off ( Hu player, sh way to loose )!, even so he got pos on you, but you adjusted anyway.

    would be interessted in your opinion :) thx anyway
  • Yuri


    Great video, liked it alot. Pls maintain this format (sessionreview + showing all marginal folds) in your upcoming videos. Having said that I still prefer deep stacks (100 - 250bb) where there is more postflop play.

    Good to have you here!
  • Igor2000


    yes keep foldet hands in the video!! great vid btw
  • krason


    @6: its a table with shallow stacks (40bb max buy-in)
  • partybaecker


    so das video is ein ansporn Dim zu werden :)lets Grind
  • zwacke


    good video, I like how you focus on your game plan with all different kind of starting hands. I would like it if you keep on talking about that first, maybe givin an insight on flatting vs 3bet/4bet-ing and what you think where most of your edge comes from.
  • Spitzbuben


    30:30 :D
    v nice video i like it.
  • PetrosiliusZ


    How about about a HU-Video after you finished the series?
  • joosP


    good stuff. would love to see u playin 100bb or deeper
  • Instinctively



    that would be nice
  • Huckebein


    @15: Jens is currently in Vegas, but he will update us in his new blog :)
  • Halozination


    ty for very good video :).


    Good video, but I don't think it's important showing 2325 fold pre, 2345 fold utg or kings after tight 3-bet cause it's default situations showed in a lot of videos from lower limits. So maybe you should look through your hands and just add interesting non standard preflop folds like A2sQJ vs utg minraise @18:50.
    And more postflop plz.
  • stefanL


    like DRONeRPD i think you spend too much time on explaining very standard preflop-spots and i think making diamondcontent you should assume that the audience is on a certian level already. as you always mix in these ABC spots the video becomes rather boring to watch even tough there is a lot of interesting spot which you explain realy well.
  • thomasschlegel2


    "I win, so its good" Nice Video^^
  • MrTrocks


    warum ist denn das Vid auf der Startseite in der Übersicht und wird als neu verkauft? Ist doch ein urlaltes oder übersehe ich was?
  • sosa1


    Wenn kein neuer Content vorhanden, wird halt einfach alter ausgegraben^^
  • janip595


    are u jeans89 at pokerstars?
  • rootp


    well done, ty