Phil Hellmuth vs. Cristian Dragomir

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Phil Hellmuth blows up at Cristian Dragomir during the 2008 WSOP Main Event.


2008 dragomir hellmuth wsop

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  • MattKaufman


  • Amokeeva


    Such a right word "enjoy"! %)))


    Phil Hellmuth says "you are idiot"
  • minath


    "but I'm an idiot with a Stack" =D
  • vanille85


    he says "you are an idiot"
  • maroscz


    There's a build up to this hand missing. Dragomir threebet Chino Rheem with the same hand and showed. Then he won another pot with it against other player at the table.
  • hansbans


    Haha, Phil should go read the poker mindset and stop being such a crybaby. And flop should have been AT4 :/
  • Wriggers


    Hahaha Hellmuth looks like he's about to cry at the end XD
  • dady018


    epic !! GG cristian!!
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    Did he take any responsibility? He should be obey the same rules all players do - and be sent to the rails for his behaviour. Him and Mike Matusow are nothing more than narrow minded louts who happen to be talented.
  • Endurx


    Hellmut is right this guy plays very bad, but he could keep to himself that he's an idiot
  • JazBenz


    lol, at least phil says what he thinks and what other people would think too
  • purple16


    What were those kinda papers someone threw in front of Mike and Phil ? or just cards ? :)
  • purple16


    in the end , by the way
  • Fil1987


    Hellmuth is nothing but a loser. A poker player with class or at least some dignity wouldn't insult other players that outplayed him. he really is .. AN IDIOT..
  • Chromatic


    also most of the time the fish will stop playing like that if u call him an idiot^^
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    poker =/= life and therefore someone who plays bad poker is not necessarily an idiot. To say things like that is to fail as a poker player.
  • agonyship


    phil helmuth is the new king of comedy ROFL
  • Kabsl


    wo er recht hat... ich würde genauso kotzen und wenn dieser sich dann noch feiert, weil er einfach suckt, würde ich auch mit mir zu kämpfen haben...

    Bad beat geht immer aber wenn er schlecht spielt und suckt und dann noch labert...
  • streamer74


    #13, i think are the papers for the chip count, i guees it was the last hand of the day
  • oArlekino


    10d4d... i hate that kind of players...

    ...and then, they think that they are good players!!!

    i think they need a mind review.

    Arlekin (desde España)
  • Squad77


    #13 That's where you write up your chip count that goes into the bag.


    PHIL says to chino rheem!! para ti es poker para mi es mi vida!!! o seaa??
    chino rhemm no es pro ? no vive de esto? xd
  • LiverpoolForever


    Обожаю эту фразу: "To you is is poker, man, to me this is my life"
  • simplicity554


    If that was me on the table I would kick his *** right there. Dragomir of course played very bad hand 104, but he said something to Helmut that is very right:

    "This tournament cost me 10k$ and it cost you nothing, so let me blow up my 10k the way I like!!!"

  • EmmaDauwe


    Do you know what poker is, it's my life. Thought he was going to cry :'(
  • justmario666


    That wanker of Hellmuth should go back to his mum and cry about his AK lost.
    Obviously he was invited to the tournament ONLY because of his disgusting behaviour, not ability of playing.
  • PokerBitc


    hellmuth sucks!!!
  • NoOneSpcl


    Hellmuth is actually a pretty good player, but he needs to learn to tell his ego to take a nap sometimes...

    He never could deal with suckouts and bad beats.

    Dragomir handled it pretty well :)
    "I'm an idiot with a stack" &
    the "Let me lose my 10,000$ the way I want" were really good :)

    Not sure if I could have handled it that well...
  • passauf


    to you it's poker, man! to me, this is my life!
  • Zmejus


  • TheBaraka


    Phill Hellmuth fkng idiot u can suck my 8=======D