NL600 SH with leatherass - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $600
  • Shorthanded
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In his new video leatherass continues the detailed analyses of some tough spots. This time he picked hands from NL600.


hand history review NL600 SH with leatherass

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • at0m1x19


  • barbeysize


    sounds good
  • Tenebrus


    Really good explenation, but maybe you can say a bit more about your perceived range in the particular spots.
    You often represent a realy narrow range, and I my self fold much to often because I think, ok he doesen't rep much but what I should rep..-oh I waited to long- it would look strange to make a play here..I fold. Thank you. Looking forward for more
  • Trickshot625


    very good vid! thank you
  • ratitoBR


    Nice video!
  • YoungBuck311


    Really like your voice and teaching skills, but I highly disagree with the hands played. Think almost every hand shown was misplayed at atleast one street.
    Since Im only grinding nl200, I probably shouldnt critisize a successfull higher player, so Im looking forward to what the other guys say in the comments.
  • Chromatic


    where can i get your (e)book "dont listen to phil helmuth"?
  • Pharaoh23


    great vid ! hope we'll see some more
  • chenny8888


    @7: it helps if you give examples man. I personally thought the hands were played well but I'd much prefer hearing criticism than people that agree with me ;)
  • crazy3317


    this dude is sick. great stuff!
  • markus45


    dont like the 89 hand,
    i think you should bet the turn small and let him float agian with air /maginal draw and c/c river, if you think hes spewy enough like you imply on the flop.
    if you check the turn you can only c/c and your hand is face up like you mentioned or you c/r and only get aktion by better hands.

    all in all great video, you got me to think, so great work
  • nosnbaer22


    good job! i like
  • Najs2009


    Great video! Good explanations and very interesting spots and lines, gives me a lot to think about.
    I would also love to see you playing a live session to see your whole idea of playing the game.
    Thank you!
  • Ribbo


    Good to see you making videos, I knew you could work something out. :)
  • 27os


    thx for the vid .. good stuff, but please give some informations about the displayed stats

    ur first hand 54s: what about shoving the river to get the hands out, that u beat (not many hands but anyways)?
  • RubishCube


    Nice video,great leatherass in action lol.
  • Aruniux


    where I cna get these cards like yours ?
  • Zemnieks11


    damn this is good, make it series pokerstrategy really good explanations :)
  • Fighter2000


    spoko :D
  • Leatherass9


    #17 - I feel in this spot his range is polarized between nuts and bluffs. If I raise, he will fold all his bluffs and call with the nuts. So I don't think raising accomplishes much here as calling loses less against the nuts and wins the same against bluffs.
  • Leatherass9


    #13 - I do agree that would be a good option as well. Thanks for your thoughts!
  • Leatherass9


    #4 - I will keep my perceived range in mind for the next series I make. Thanks for the input.
  • lolailo87


    great video! cant wait to see more :D
  • IronPumper


    You are saying that you can rep by checking back a hand as strong like a weaker TP.
    But imo you would perceive here easily every better Jx-hand and every TP on pseudo-Scarecard + on a board where your range also includes many draws (so that Villain has to call your 2ndBar. lighter...) -> hence imo you cannot rep rly many madehands by missing in this spot the 2ndBarell -> he likely thought the same way b/c of his River_Bluff3bet vs your raise there.

    Anyways, I lke as played your riverplay very much b/c of your thoughtprocess even though you cannot rep yourself very much^^

    btw., great Vid - thx:)

    But I for sure like your riverplay b/c of your stated
  • maxwi


    Excellent video! Please keep making videos like that. Your NL videos are amongst the very best on this site.
  • Fox128


    I kind of disagree with the turn raise with the 98o trips hand:

    It's not THAT unlikely that our opponent has us beat here at all! I mean he could have easily gone for a play like with hands like 66,9d6d,or just a better 9, for the same reason we did with ours. He easily could have one of those hands, really. So honestly, I would go for pot control here.

    It's true, that we most likely won't get any value by calling, but I'm SURE we won't by raising either. I'm abolutely not worried about draws, as I don't think he would give you the chance to fold out his equity.

    So, it's true, if we call we rep a monster --> SO villain (if he's not completely brain-dead what I don't think he is) should give up all of his air or EVEN checkback a better 9. If he bets however, we have to fold and we know we were beaten all the way and save us the money. However, we could still river an 8 and still stack his 96,66,A9.

    Yo except for that, I gotta say I am VERY MUCH enjoying watching your videos (especially part2). It feels like they're kind of what pokerstrategy was missing up until now! breathing fresh air after smoking a ton of cigarettes :)
  • Leatherass9



    While I do think the decision is close, I had a very strong read on this opponent as someone who will quite often fight back on boards where his opponent is repping a very narrow range. Armed with that read, I felt it was a good spot to make the play that I made.
  • Leatherass9



    You make good points. I guess at the end of the day, we can never really know what our opponent thinks of us in that spot. I think that I can reasonably well represent the hand that I described, but maybe that was somewhat of a specific thought process I thought that particular opponent might have.
  • Maniatrix


    In the A3s hand I guess you are depending on him to have a bluff here more than 50% of the time?