Playing SNGs Professionally

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In his new video faarcyde presents a seminar on how to establish your profession as a poker player with useful advice on the mental and pshyical difficulties, keeping track of your progress and bankroll management.


Playing SNGs Professionally series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • flea1


    very nice video! thanks!
  • ReDAnDBLue


    can you please make it for silver as well, pleaseee
  • Arcanis23


    lol @ 3
    professional silber
  • Nosaint


    Interesting Video. I guess most players never thought seriously about several items. They were just grinding. Most of them get broke sooner or later and it´s not just bad luck involved.
  • Ohs


  • dydukas


    I'm kinda part time player but I already agree and do most of the stuff whats said here. Good video, looking forward for more.
  • elwakka


    I like, ty for sharing your experience, some points are often tolf of course before, but a few interesting facts you added. Nice one!
  • dexisss


    Very good video, with some really usefull points! Thanks and waiting for your next video(s)!
  • BenjiM7


    nice video tnx !
  • faarcyde


    Thanks for all the nice comments fellas, I feel so loved.
  • Gerovit


    I dug up something from the well on 2+2, just curios did you changed your mind or not?
    If you knew that games would remain almost the same for the next 20 years, would you consider making poker your main job?
    "No.Poker doesn't stimulate me much intellectually. Also the zero sum nature of the game depresses me a bit. I view poker as more of a bridge to better things."
    "No I only plan on playing a couple more years until I can save up to buy a house and put a ton away for savings and kid's college funds before I get a degree in nursing or my PHD in history and become an academic, not sure yet. It will be hard to give up the lifestyle though, I get to do whatever I want when I want and it pays well."
  • fembot26


    Thanks, faarcyde - an insightful video. Could you say more about the kinds of ROIs that were attainable four or five years ago playing SNGs, as compared with before and after Black Friday?
  • faarcyde


    @Milan: Yes, I would say my outlook has changed a bit. I've adjusted more and enjoy the lifestyle so much I don't know if I could go back to working for someone else. I am doing everything I can now to build up my investments with rental properties, stock investing, etc and plan on opening my own business in the next couple years.

    @Fembot26: Four or five years ago? 7-8 percent at high stakes for single tables. Now 3-4 is pretty much the cap.
  • Jakoebchen


    Nice one!
  • olijo


    education is always welcomed.nice job!!!
  • LgWz


    What kind of business do you plan on opening?
  • kriis2489


    Very good also for Cashgame players
  • VBZg


    Wow, very very nice video. Agree what you said about excercise/depression relation. And P90X is awsome (gone 10kg down in 3 months, including proper meals), anti deppresion solution. These days coss poker takes so much time, i do only Yoga. And have a feeling if you gona say that you read Kiyosaki also, that somebody cloned me in America. So ye im intrested to conntact you about investing. Gona send you invitation in community tab in PS.
  • vidrata


    Thanks for the nice video Faarcyde! Looking forward for the next one!
  • dusicahetzel


  • DonBartos


    Great vid mate. Basically doing everything you talked about, but it's still a great reminder :) Fully agree with the excersize/socializing part regarding depressions.

    Would be very nice to see more of this, thanks!
  • BillGatesIII


    Interesting. Thanks.
  • faarcyde


    @LGWZ: Not sure yet...I think about it all the time, though.
  • Tim64


    Great stuff, TY, sir.
  • EverSteel


    hey faarcyde,
    the Russian community thanks you for your work and would love to watch a video on real estate investments if you decide to come up with one.

  • davidgod


    #17 LgWz, 11-06-22 22:46
    What kind of business do you plan on opening?

    he is planning to open a poker room. don't tell other people this secret
  • KnuckleRollG


    nice video hope to see more sng videos from you
  • akrammon


    Very good vid, +1 for the sequel!
  • chaserr


    [x] fan off faarcyde now =D

    Second vid I watched great one again.
    Would like to see more off this definitely.
    Greeting dutch coach.
  • DonCorleone369


    really nice vid, +2 for the sequel! :D
  • janushr


    i am also interested in investing,stocks and real estate...but still a small fish:)still swimming...but love to hear more...nice vid:)
  • BruceShee


    Great vid faarcyde! Poker and investments are quite similar especially in the mindset subject - I'm looking to do the same sooner or later :)
    GL with ur plans!
    And please... moar vids!
  • mktpppr


    brilliant video thk u very much
  • icmnerd


    Amazing primer, thanks for all the points covered. :)