NL Beginners Course - Lesson 3: Post-flop and hand analysis

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The third video of the NL Beginners Course, with hasenbraten. In this video you will learn about the basic poker mathematics: EV, equity, handranges, handreading, etc. And also get to know the Equilab.


Beginner Beginners Course NL BSS School

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  • Sinnology


    Really good and streaight forward video.
    Thx for this
  • shane0878


    Very good video as usual by hasenbraten.
  • DYSKO777


    Excellent video, so well presented and teaches how to think about hands.
  • mongomob


    Anyone else having trouble with the video? my computer just shuts down in about 4 minutes of watching. this does not happen watching any other video on the site, but ALLWAYS with hasenbraten's videos ??? witch sucks becouse i really like his videos...
  • mongomob


    Great video =) deffinatly worth the walk to my granmothers house too watch =) Ty hasenbraten
  • tofu22


    #4 same happens to me, i think the computers memory gets overloaded. i have win7 and if i scale down on my desktop things then it's fine.

    otherwise great vid, really like that this is all put together.
  • ReedOwen


    min 17 lets say you do it a trillion brazillian times LOL awesome number brazillian dollars
  • Saruniks


    06:20, that's the thing hasenbraten said to me like 5 times in last coatching lol
  • Saruniks


    06:35 , he is talking about me. lol.
    though they allways do have AA
  • Saruniks


    very good video, helpful and so on. Thanks
  • TeddyTaiwan


    Awesome vid with great explanations consolidates alot of info and learning material
  • TurnitAce


    very nice video. A question: Do you use the pessimistic range as well when you put your oppoinent on a range? I mean you think about the worse hands from your perspective or you think that he might not have a A on a A9T board, etc.
  • tomahawkpt


    What an amazing video! Very well explained, and puts in just one video concepts that previously were spread around the site.
  • jaromma


    Great video; you are an excellant teacher. I'd learned at last how start handreading. Must see for every poker-adept.
  • aboesing


    AK with 38,8 equity calculation.
    I need to call 21 BB for a pot of 45BB, that gives odds of 1:2.14, and equity of 1:3.14= 31,8%, so its a call.
    EV calculation= (67BB*0,388)+(-21BB*0,612)= 13,14BB.
    This is for just call, and we have post-flop game...
  • Sprattel


    I too have problems watching it. The pokerstrategy logo shows and then it's all black, nothing happens.
  • Raknyo


    Awesome, just awesome. In last example, CO can't have KQhh since we have KhKc, not that it matters since it's a push! Looking forward to watching the rest.
  • csdan


    Error loading media?
  • Dhoni347


    min 36: the opponent cannot have AhKh as we have Kh :)