Database Doctor - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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The Database Doctor is back. In his series Bogdan reviews entire databases of users to find and fix their leaks. Episode three covers a database from NL50 SH.


Database Doctor holdem manager series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • zevinhill


    Really nice video!!
    Gives a good view about the use of HM for database analysis.
    The hand discussion are thorough and clear.

    Keep'em coming!
  • BogdanPS


    Thank you zevinhill.

    I've been asked this a lot recently so I will answer here. If you are interested in learning more about HEM or having private database analysis done by me simply contact me via the community section on PS (or you can check my private coaching listing here on the site).

    And a question for the users now:

    There are probably 3 more episodes left in this series. Would you like to see a similar series done for FR games (if any FR players are even watching this)?
  • gadget51


    Bogdan please do NOT apologise for taking too much time! That was awesome stuff.
    I do think they need more than one or two vewing s though. :)

    I disagree at about 1h 2 min You say hero should value betting bigger on river with AJ because villain called with A5. I think it very unlikely hero gets much more from that given villain is seemingly a somewhat thinking reg.
    Or would we get paid bigger, more often than villain would fold I suppose is the question?


    Hi Bogdan,
    I would like to see a similar series done for FR games. Thanks.
  • BogdanPS


    Unless we are trying to induce a raise or a super light call I think we should bet bigger. If you look at how the hand got played sure we can have an A but we can also have quite a few draws that we would play in similar fashion (fish left behind and all).

    And most regs, thinking regs let's call them, would ck/call that river more often than ck/fold since they want to give you a chance to bluff your worse hands (or even ck back better hands).
  • SilverSag


    I would like to see a FR version too :)
  • pokerski


    +1 for the FR series, we are watching 8)
  • MKmaxx


    +1 for more shorthanded reviews ... really like the database series ..nice one !
  • ChrisK99


    I really like your videos. I would love to see a FR version.
  • BogdanPS


    It looks like I will need some FR databases then. From 10nl to 100nl most likely.
  • leonpwnz0r


    very nice video, thx
  • DeMarcohsp


    @30: you are not discounting the combos that we block with our AsJd hand.
  • BogdanPS


    @Demarcohsp: you mean the 7Jss hand? That's the hand at the 30th minute.
  • gp00053


    More great and useful information. Hope you do one for HM2