Mike Sexton Pwns Mike Matusow

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Mike Sexton makes an excellent read and a light call in a hand against Mike Matusow.


Call Matusow Mike Sexton wsop

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  • MattKaufman


  • i5bet72o


    i love daniel reaction, "u just got pawned"
  • AaronLambert


    as much as this seems like "ownage" Matusow reps nothing here when he bets an Ace on the turn b/c it is very unlikely he limps with an Ace from the button...

    I like how Sexton played that hand though.
  • barbeysize


    make mtt omaha hu video instead posting this...
  • Bartmannn


    Daniel is the best part in this video! He really had fun there! ^^
  • Infiesta


    wtf is this...
  • Tahigwa


    i feel it boils doown to this:
    would he bet if he hits an jack on the river. and i doubt a good player would bet 3rd pair there. so its a good call by sexton.
  • icanhazit


  • luckylooser88


    smooth call
  • nathanrenard


    Easy call. Seriously i really wanted to know the line of thought on Sexton head there.

    Super pro.
  • paulfelzpp


    I think: Matusow would bet any Q on that flop. Further i think he wouldnt limp any good Ace because Daniel is known for calling pretty light in the blinds. He'd miss lots of value then. So the only reasonable hand Matusow could value bet twice there is A3. And Sexton blocks some combinations of that hand.

    Still a nice call though...
  • Davideciak


    Great Daniel ! :)
  • monkee1980


  • geoelt


    @ #3 correct... the mouth just missplayed the hand completly imo :D
  • mariannapoker


    mr phone :E
  • WoodyRiver


    daniels reaction is so.. :D
  • SiladuS92


  • Sacrifice51


    Sicke Action im Limped Pot! Not bad von Mattusow vorgetragen =)
  • MCBoxeR


    crazy Sexton
  • Nikita1972


    Sexton is soooo cool, but i dislike the play by Matusow .. Not representing much there
  • LuigiBarboza


    Daniel is the best haha
  • MaximSpartak


  • MustafaNazarbekov


  • Ennofor1


    mike should bet that flop, missplayed but great call
  • Zmejus


  • ThisAintPoker


    daniel's reaction is the sickest thing in the video! Hahaha , my favorite since i started!
  • Chimba


    owned !! :D
  • Edukator99


    I love how you all say that's an easy call...when you know what the cards are! LOL
  • Vladpoker2011


    +)) Повеселило
  • flober


    FAT rich fish
  • ArbMD


    73o call pre-flop? I will never understand what pros think...
  • Bendiger


    he checked in the bb, both limped
  • arom72


    Sexton has been only very lucky
  • ToMuchForU


    insta call :)
  • gammastrahler


    negreanu <3
  • Xerard


    Slap slap slap XDDDD
  • TheBaraka


    OWNED! sick hero call!
  • RobertDaPro


    to #31 Sexton was big blind there if you understand correctly!