Boomer Live on Stars - Part 1

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  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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In this video Boomer showcases his robust adaptability to the situations and player types he encounters on the table.


Boomer Live on Stars Live Video PokerStars

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Magic567


    Ty very much for the video! I've been really waiting for the live videos from you!
    31:00 Do we ever consider donking here? On the one hand, hoping that at least one player has a worse straight but is likely to give us some action and, on the other hand, not getting an opportunity to check some third or second pairs on a scary river ?
  • Magic567


    * not giving an opportunity for some third pairs to check
  • Boomer2k10


    Regarding Donking it's certainly an option as we could even get a bet/3bet in vs a Jack.

    In this situation I think I decided to check raise as the most likely hands I were up against were Jacks and 2-pairs. (There aren't many T's left which don't have 2-pair or a Straight, same with Q's)

    So given this I decided to Check-Raise but I don't think I'd hate a donk here because there's always the chance we get to bet/3-bet but it does turn our hand somewhat face up

    Thanks for watching
  • mckechniej


    Hi - thank you for a genuinely informative video.
    There was just one thing I didn't understand-
    AQ vs 88
    on 526 flop.

    You said that villain should have raised the flop, and that calling flop, raising turn was a mistake?

    1.Villain has no fold equity by raising the flop.
    2.There is a big equity change from flop to the turn (remember Hero capped preflop, so he doesnt have an overpait its basically AK, AQ and maybe AJ o KQs) -
    why doesnt Villain call flop, then raise non ace, king or queen turn (and maybe calldown a queen, and even fold an ace or king).

    Kind regards!
  • HamburgmeinePerle



    I wouldn't have capped as well with T7s and the flush on the river.

    First of all, BB always has the flush...sets are not in his range as he wouldn't play AA like this und ohter sets would have made action before. 2-pairs as well. And 43s. And there's no other hand that will 3-bet the river. So it's only flushes.

    Kh3h, Kh4h, Kh8h, Kh9h, Qh3h, Qh4h, Qh8h, Qh9h are 8 combos.

    Even if he defends any2 suited you only beat 9h8h, 9h4h, 9h3h, 8h4h, 8h3h so 5 combos.

    I supose he will c/r any pair on the flop...(if not so there will be always one Kx and Qx combo for every 9x, 8x combos, so it will always be more combos that beat you.) And it's more likely that he defends K3s than 83s...

    I think capping would have been a mistake definitely.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    @5: because of protection against the 3rd player.


    well I do agree that checking the flop in those spots often is a trap but once he checks the turn as well he very seldom will have a trap, I think you do have 2 valuebets against Ahigh.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    why don't you say anything about the riverplay?! I think it's quite interesting...the rivercard absolutely crushes the EQ of many holdings of the opponents and hits your perceived range perfectly. I would donk this card, any J makes the straight and Qx just can't valuebet, maybe he will even check some 2-pairs.
    You had lucl that both of them had the straight but if not so I think they will check very often, I think donking would be better.

    turnplay: why not betting for foldequity against 6x? You do have some equity 3handed with the draw so it does not cost you 2 BB again as you explianed a few hands before when semibluffing, a raise wouldn't be that ugly imo. But 6x, PPs could fold on this horror turncard imo.
  • Boomer2k10


    Regarding the AJ hand:

    I think betting the turn here would not be very good, the guy to our direct left is Taggy and just flatted the flop so I wouldn't put many 6x in his range at all since peeling 6x there with someone to act behind is pretty ropey since you're going to have to fold a massive amount on the turn and there's no guarantee you're ahead anyway so if he had any pair I'd expect him to try and protect his hand.

    This would basically put his most likely hand as a draw, ALL of which have now hit so I just didn't see any value in a bet on the turn against a hand which may not even be in his range. The other guy I have labelled as a fish and I don't expect fish to fold pairs before the river and once again every draw has hit and to make it worse even backdoor flush draws are now in effect so I just considered a bet on the turn to be burning money as I certainly can't see both of them folding and even getting one of them to fold's going to be a challenge assuming I don't get raised by the TAGGY guy.

    If this hand were Heads Up then yes betting would have more merit as he may just peel a 6, low pp or an A-High type hand but multi-way I don't think that's the case.

    This also comes into play on the river. If our opponent's were on draws, they have made them now. I also think the TAGGY guy would not be betting the turn 3-handed with a hand he's not going to bet the river with, I mean how many non-2pair/straight T's and Q's are in his range? Again Heads Up I may prefer the donking line as our opponent will be on a weaker range but everything I've been told in this hand is telling me someone's betting the river here so I go for a X/R due to that whole "overall stronger perceived range" idea
  • datsmahname


    at the end of the video you insta-muck K4o... seems like a standard blind steal.
  • datsmahname


    37:00 for time stamp
  • Boomer2k10


    K4o would be right at the bottom of my K's for stealing from the SB and atm I think I'm limiting myself to K5o from there. I'm really not a fan of big/litle offsuit hands, they have crappy equity which you often can't realise the full value for anyway and players are getting more and more tenacious with their BB's especially vs SB opens.

    It's not a big thing either way but I highly doubt folding it is going to put a hole in anyone's winrate unless the BB is super nitty.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    hey Boomer, could you pleasy say sth. to my comments #6 and #7?

    Would be very nice :)
  • Boomer2k10



    Tbh I think he would defend any 2 suited which makes this a lot closer, also I don't think he'd always raise top pair weak kicker so hand's like 86s and 96s come into the equation so again we're getting closer but as you said in gametime I figured that I was probably behind given his 3-bet (no guarantee he even 3-bets a small flush) so overall year probably not a goof to not cap

    With his PFR being so low (only 8 at the time) and the fact that meant any A-high he had was probably drawing to 10 outs I wasn't convinced there was value vs A-High. If this was a standard player (well a standard player wouldn't check OOP but let's say had normal preflop stats) then maybe I would have bet the turn but overall I just felt his range was too strong to warrant a bet there on the turn.
  • Shidlovsky


    But if his PFR is that low why should we defend 58o at all? Is it that u feel great postflop edge vs that guy or are u just defending 80% vs anyone?

    P.S. Thanks alot for all of your videos,
    they are awesome.
  • Boomer2k10



    The fact about BB play is that we're getting 3-1 to defend and effectively 4-1 as the player is almost always going to continuation bet on the flop and we have position (if he doesn't it's even MORE correct to defend as we now get to see 4 cards as opposed to 3)

    Even vs the Top 8% of hands we have 27% equity here and that's assuming he's totally unaware about positional effects. If his opening range on teh SB is more like 15-20% we move more towards 30% equity.

    It's not as if I'm rubbing my hands together saying "Oh Boy 85!!" but I feel I have a postflop advatnage, I'm in position and I have enough equity to play with I think it's a fine call.