SNG $11 Session Review

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  • $11
  • Fullring
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Session Review

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  • miskokvo


    nice vid!! ... i want more :D i very like watching sng vids..
  • Fcstfan


    very nicely explained tyvm
  • aciddrop


    Nicely done. Always good listening to you. You ended the audio commentary about 35minutes in, but the video continues for another 20 or so. Great to watch, and predict your moves too.
  • mouse89


  • mouse89


  • mouse89


  • patatepowa


    very interesting
  • Vicar888


    good stuff, but watched some of the play heads up after the talking at about 40minutes and a few seconds and see you push with A3 to a raise. Is all in really the only move with any ace in this situation? - especially in response to a raise
  • ClayRaver


    ... Not the strongest sng player i have ever seen but ok video 2/5
  • ClayRaver


    ... Not the strongest sng player i have ever seen but ok video 2/5
  • supervoimed


    its fine
  • looserbaby79


    very nice helpfull video thx
  • RacoonCity


    I agree with ClayRaver.
    I have been watching TheNose videos for a while, and he hardly finishes in the money in any given session, so I m seriousely begining to doubt how good his play is. To me its way too aggressive even for Speed SG, with Push&Fold strategy all the way almost from the begining to the end, with no gap concept involved and too much rely on luck. Maybe I m wrong and its the only way to play this kind of SG, and in this case its obvious there is no real money in it and I would better stick to regular SG!
  • TumppiTouri


    wtf he sounds like a retard
  • aklbw


    too slow..
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • elchipriota


    I really liked your videos, good instrutions even though I find your voice monotonous and a bit difficult to follow for a long time.

    All the best.
  • Apenshin


    Nice one. Loved the session, well presented and look forward to seeing more soon.