PLO Highstakes with Jens Kyllonen - Part 2

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $5000
  • Shorthanded
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In the second part of his video, nosebleed star Jens Kyllonen continues his review of various hands played at PLO5k. Get an insider look at the strategy that earned millions!


hand history review high stake

Comments (9)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • kefirs


    nice video.
  • Falco35


    I cant see the full vid, but i think playing shortstackt in PLO is maybe an easier game because if you hav an draw or an set...okay, no problem of maybe getting vlufft on the river...just put in your stack and finish.
    Even if a lot of the nerds will say:" yeh, thats not real poker..blabla"
    yeah, maybe theyre right but if its easier to play and you make seroius money with it..okay, who cares!?!?
  • Falco35


    And i hope you didnt have all of your BR at FT.
    If it was so..then GL and best wishes from me!!
  • RockyRaccoon


    Loved last hand, very interesting!
  • chenny8888


    @32: it's possible he's more "straightforward" when shinibar is in the hand. and against you he just balances sizings


    @20.10 Thought it would be -EV call, but it's still profitable for about 180, still +EV although very marginal.
  • Zivilist


    Hey Jens, i have a question:

    When playing short-stacked, what do u think the perfect, most profitbale stack size is? 30/40/50/60 bb?
  • Zivilist


    btw, really nice video! hope to see more :)