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In this video atuerke evaluates the heads-up play of a PokerStrategy member. He goes into the opponent´s possible hand ranges and where to find good bluff spots.


FullTilt User Session Review

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  • lilprincess


    very good review atuerke, thanks a lot, i think this will help me a bunch.

    About the last 78s hand were i c/rai on the river, I really thought he was repping a very very tight range (99 basically by calling turn and betting the river) and i thought his range conatined a lot of higher flush draws or maybe hands that caught a straight draw on the turn, so i thought he was really fos and would fold a lot.
  • jmackenzie


    finally a hu video nice one guys and great review
  • TribunCaesar


    Nice to see you enjoyed your review. :)
    Well I think I forgot to mention....this is just the first part ^^
  • extpan


    hmmm...need cllect some point to get fricking gold status:(
  • Kraelog


    Awesome video. Hopefully this will mean the start of a HU strategy session
  • salflip


    great vid, maybe one day there will be HU coaching's in english, fingers crossed
  • atuerke


    Ya, I think your play is okay there, but i think a J is definitaly a possibility for him. If he folds that one, your c/r ist great. If not, its not bad, but worse ;)

    So all in all I think your line is ok
  • Vargan


    4 minutes in the video goes:

    "Want to know more? YOU CANT CAUSE YOU SUCK!".. :p
  • onlinekasper


    französische software???
  • TheBrood


    printed!...err...I mean watched.
  • DrMayers


  • 21jp67


    very boring
  • 2bad4nick


    first :-)
  • yasju


    Really nice video. But on 78s hand:
    "38.50 + 49 which is...... 77.50."
    Not really man...
  • noisecore


    I think hero folds too many BTNs especially at the beginning.
  • TomBot980

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  • BLacKuZa


    Morgen kann erst weiter geschaut werden. Ohne Gold gibts halt nur den ersten part
  • romanenko93


    my point is it seems that players still in the hand could potentially see the cards thrown away because players throw them into the muck so bloody high! and hence can affect further action in the hand because theyve seen which cards are not in play anymore!