Joseph Cheong Goes Wild vs. Jonathan Duhamel

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Joseph Cheong gets too aggressive at the wrong time in a hand against Jonathan Duhamel.


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  • MattKaufman


  • smokinnurse


    very nice play by cheong
  • ASplayer9119


    QQ is a bluffcatcher in that situation and I don't know if Duhamel knew that....
  • jaszvitez45


    #3 u have right
  • ezeoli


    i dont tihnk that is a bluffcatcher is 3 handed way, with QQ is AI!!!
  • Dojot


    70bb, 3 handed. And u think QQ is a bluff catcher?
  • thcfugii


    @ #3 why du you think duhamel 5bets? as a bluff 0o?
  • label55


    QQ is the nuts , even full ring, nits!


    I think very bad play by Cheong because he has >70bb and why he risk his tournament life with this bluff.
    Sick. Besides, I think QQ is not an easy call by Duhamel because Cheong line is KK+ or bluff.
  • smokinnurse


    obv noone knows anything about ICM
    incl. duhamel and all these snapcallers here
    cheong >>> duhamel


    i dont put in my mind fold QQ in that situation!! is 3 handed for god! how is a fold there xd???
  • i5bet72o


    easy easy 5bet/call here,
    1. he is vs an agro opponent with a agro dynamic
    2. blind vs blind (3 handed)
    3. only 70bb deep
  • smokinnurse


    "only 70 bb" lol^^
    there is a shorty at the table - that's the point
    in my opinion duhamel should call the 4bet and play that postflop
  • adrianojeda


    mega donk: CHEONG!!!
  • itSmIn3z


    QQ is a bluffcatcher, as he cannot call the shove only vs the valuerange... so cheong must be (semi-)bluffing a decent amount...
  • yeahZaraza


    T_T his lool like FullTilt is down xD
  • Guesswhat


    Antes included we're down to 60 effective bb.

    If you fold QQ in this situation, the terrorists win ;)
  • Rhymenoceros


    +1,000,000 #17
  • Frukt82


    с такой рукой как у Чонга я бы даже на ререйз не ответил, а он олл-ин пошел...оптимист однако.
  • TheBaraka


    Como la cago Cheong al final, venia jugando increible no habia con que darle, por un error grave pero solo un error termino tercero el main event!
  • miguelangel2973


    Exceso de agresividad para mi gusto, con A7o, muy marginal su jugada.
  • jimmysmith


    с такой рукой как у Чонга я бы даже на ререйз не ответил, а он олл-ин пошел...оптимист однако. WTF ? english plz !
  • redihu2


    cheong was being very agressie on 3-handed situation, i dont know why he pushs with 6-bet here, and call QQ play post-flop IP is good too IMO, dont like the cheong playing, everbody on the table knows he was being extremely agressive, and your image was bad. I think he was a very spewy in the worst situation possible
  • ElHive



    you're right about ICM but i think Duhamel expected Cheong super often to bluff here. he induced that 6bet bluff-shove with his almost min-5bet so that Cheong thought he had a ridiculous amount of FE. thats why Duhamel snapcalled IMO.
  • webby55


    A7?? dumb ass donk
  • Kimimaro


    scheint eher, dass du kein plan von MTTs hast. superstandard gespielt von duhamel.
  • butcheN


    Cheong mad donk...he wanted 5bet/fold from Duhamel? crazy/weak
  • gummi1


    labell55 you are a nitty ;)
  • Palmero92


    standart von Duhamel, ziemlich sick von cheong. Aber ihn als Fisch zu bezeichnen zeigt einfach wie die drauf ist. Er hat sich durch sein megageiles Play verdient bis zum FT durchgespielt. Er würds wohl mit 99% der PS.deler locker aufnehmen...