Chris Moneymaker Bluffs Sam Farha

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Chris Moneymaker pulls a memorable bluff while heads-up with Sam Farha.


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  • MattKaufman


  • smokinnurse


    das geht jetzt wohl in der zeit zurück, bis zu dead man's hand
  • GoByWheel


    willkommen im internet
  • Karel33555


    да крут!!!
    попробовал бы он на нл10 так пушнуть его б на 22 приняли)))
  • upsthereltls


    bad bluff and bad fold
  • jowy88


    For me the bluff is Ok, I don't understand why Farha called the turn to fold on this river.

    If he thought he was better on the turn, he will be better on this river too.

    Maybe Moneymaker did a very big overbet, that's the only reason to fold IMO.
  • faarcyde


    Moneymaker's play is the equivalent of clicking buttons online..
  • Gwenifer


    das beste am Video ist ja wohl eindeutig die Kappe vom Dealer (bei 0:18) :-D
  • EuanM


    @#8. Stimmt ja, ist doch Old school :)
  • Arcanis23


    @8, nice one thnx. hätt ich gar net gesehn.

    find den fold von farha aber auch nich gut
  • Tahigwa


    wie mans macht ist falsch...

    man stelle sich vor farha callt mit seinem paar und moneymaker zeigt ihm die strasse oder flush und gewinnt damit das turnier.

    andererseits ist bei nem shove das paar eher gut als wenn moneymaker da kleiner bettet.
  • larakitton10


    Крис хорош
  • yeahZaraza


    ставить надо было на флопе
  • arshavin50


    Парню трудно было заколировать,хоть он и предпологал ,что Манимейкер блефовал...
  • Butunin


    Типичный ридс манимейкера .. по всему турниру он только жестикулировал да болтал ... тут жестко ставил фишки и просто "затих" блеф
  • Ivor0905


    #4 очевидно,на NL10 ОН БЫ И ПРИНИМАЛ))))
  • hector032


    Instant Call!
  • FalstaFF


    Farha could have called the turn in order to outdraw a better hand. Maybe he thought he'd get a free showdown with another spade or could have gotten value from an overpair.
    However.. I thinkt that the turn call was a bad desicion, too. To many reverse implieds against better spades or if he makes his 2pair and Moneymaker is still better. He only beats a bluff on the turn and therefore should have raised or folded in my opinion.
  • AAdrobekAA


    chris gave textbook tells after farha folded and by the smile on his face, he knew immediately it was a bluff. too bad, so sad. pretty sure he gave him more credit for that play rather than having a real hand
  • jimmy99x


    I like sami f.strange he did not call
  • nairolf83


    Nowadays Chris uses this strategy to become the Play-MoneyMaker...