$200 SCOOP Shootout - Part 4

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Heads-up
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In part 4 of reviewing his SCOOP MTT Phil is down to the heads-up and he will continue battling the TAG.


$200 SCOOP Shootout FullTilt hand history review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • JOYS3R


    Hello Phil!

    Sorry for the long post, but...

    I did some long & precise calculations about Villain Calling/Folding % Range and the results not even close to 47% FE ,which needed for Break-Even.

    So it's clearly -EV All-in on the turn imho.

    In my calcs:u have around 37% FE only :/

    He doesn't fold nearly as much as u thought.
    For example: Qc4c,8c9c
    He is calling with strong draws All-in for sure,as u can have lots of draws as well.

    And ofc he is never doing this C/R and bet 3k on turn with 79o,89o...
    (and you have a 7x in your hand as well,so less chance thats he has a 7x too )
    He is just not that type of player, who's doing crazy stuffs with air,because lets face it:79o or 89o in that spot is Air.

    So basically ur assumptions was way-way off for this specific player, but can be good against an other type of Reg/Pro.(like against u,who opens any2 on the BU, and defends BB or C/R on flop with air a lot)

    Otherwise excellent explanations and play from you and im looking forward for your next vid :)