One Week In Macau

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mbml delivers us a Guide to Asias gambling hub. In this video, mbml will draw on his live play experience at some of the worlds most desirable gambling locations and give advice on how to survive in these environments.



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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • tryhardnoob


    did he just say the shitting room at 27:00 ? lmao
  • supeyrio


    i like how you describe the pictures as if you were doing our local oral exams :D
  • timl79111


    i love the shittingroom ...
  • mbml


    #3: ROFL :D
  • Iwantunow


    u can grab as much water as you want in venetian and wynn, its self service and free. I also think non alcoholic drinks like coke and coffee are free in both casinos, dont know about GL and others, i only played in wynn and venetian. But yea id say drinks are free in macau, no tipping you just have to order them.

    Also, i wanted to add that if you land in hk airport and want to take the ferry to macau, u can directly take the ferry from hk airport to macau until i think 9pm local time. If you land after that time, you can take the bus outside hk airport (bus A11 was it for me) and go to macau ferry terminal by bus.(4th bus stop)

    When i was playing at wynn you could also find games higher than 100/200. Actually there was a lot of 300/600 action at night when i was there. At the venetian the highest games were 50/100.

    At the wynn max buyin for 10/25 is 3k and at the venetian is 4k, dont know about 25/50 but just wanted to say that u cant buyin 200bb deep ;)
  • thominger


    I was in Macau last December on a Sunday, a daytrip from Hongkong. Poker rooms at the Venetian (6.00 pm), at Grand Lisboa (7.15 pm), the Wynn 8.30 were rather crowded in variuos limits. Little action at the Starworld at 9pm, only two tables in low limits (enough for me busting my BR with AA vs Villain's 86s), but friendliest staff - and also a waiting couch. Awful staff at the Grand Lisboa where they closed tournament registration 15 mins too early -just when I showed up at their desk. "Come back tomorrow" isn't what you want to hear as a day tourist

    One note to the Geography: Wynn's, Starworld and Grand Lisboa are actually on the main Island, not Coloane.
  • xistacio


    for some reason this video did not load! i couldn't see it!
  • luizsilveira


    @2 - I wouldn't touch that remote control :P
  • mongomob


    LOL, he was actually talking about a SHitting, room... =) i want to hug him and tell him it's gon na be allright
  • zhenweida


    good video!
  • LemOn36


    shitting room :D


    sneaky guy lol
  • say69


    nice video, but the guy speaks much strange, he shold pratice it before doing