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A user sessionreview from lessthanthree offers us an insight into the tactics used during low-mid stakes SNG Tournaments, in addition to this we are offered advice that will expand our game during every stage of the Sit n' Go.


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Comments (19)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • HaensWoerst


    Am I the only one who colourcodes the fish with blue???

    I mean ... fish/water = blue
  • Swist87


    around 13:30.
    I would like to mantion that there is no difference between QQ and for example 22-QQ when guy 3bets us with AK. Its just a flip ;)
  • Nitlib


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  • SvenBe


    he Nitlib, we just had a malfunction in the server - it has been corrected, enjoy the video!
  • lessthanthreee


    @swist87, the point i was trying to make was our appropriate 4bet range is QQ+ against his entire 3bet range. I was just using AK as an example hand out of his range, which also includes JJ+. sorry for the confusion
  • sportman01


    41:04 A7o fold seems a little tight for me, isnt?
  • lessthanthreee



    with 11bbs in the CO on the bubble as a mid stack we have to be very tight. AJ would be the bottom of the Axo range.

    pushing wider than that is a clear mistake and a very big leak :) hope this helps.
  • smokinnurse


    nice vid - i like
    but the A7o spot 41:00 (also see #7)
    were pushing into our direct rival in BB
    BU seems tight
    just SB is unreasonable loose
    in that spot i see the possibility to enlarge our gap to the shorty
    so A7o i think is pretty marginal but AJo+ to tight
  • Tim64


    26:40 A2o; you mentioned, as a reason for leading, that we have a weak kicker. I like the lead for the other reasons you gave, but can you clarify why the weak kicker is an additional reason for leading? Seems to me it would be the opposite since we are losing to any other ace in which case we dont want to build the pot oop with our marginal made hand
  • Tim64


    36:30 "Some ppl do this with AK b/c they're scared of playing postflop. I don't know how their brains work". Priceless.
  • lessthanthreee



    if you have sng wiz you can input some ranges and discover that its a pretty big negative edge to shove there. if you still dont believe me ill take a screenshot for you and post a link here.


    yeah the kicker just helps me make it a bet/fold. the kicker itself doesnt mean im always going to lead with every top pair weak kicker. the other points are more important. board texture, number of opponents, etc...
  • gekitsios



    great video once again.i have some questions

    1)in 15.50 what you have done if the sb raised with QTo?

    2) in 25.56 with A2 what would you have done if sb check/raised all in?

    3)in 32.00 with A8s i think the call its a bit loose.Imo even fishes tighten up a lot their range when they have 10bbs.Moreover when a fish raises 3bb with 10bb stack i think this means he has a monster and want to be paid off.Just myy opinion

    4)in 36.00 with AQ if the utg player has just raised 2.5bb are you itend shoving or folding again because prolly you get called by his loose plays?
  • lessthanthreee


    hi gekitsios

    1) it would be a good spot to reshove if his SB steal is high. our options are reshove or fold with our stacksize.

    2) i would fold, the SB is quite tight so i would put him on some higher Ax combos and there are sets in his range. he might have some flush draws but its too marginal to bet/call without any reads imo.

    3) usually its a fold, but this unknown on the BTN had very loose stats and a high steal. players will raise/fold here and I personally think we are ahead of his range. if he was tighter its a fold IMO.

    4) if he raised its a clear reshove because we have good fold equity with our stack. If you think hes raise/calling with hands like KJ or A8 then i would just fold.
  • madein1984


    24:30 Even if he was tight so far, we only have a small sample, probably from the early game. I'm pretty sure most regs get it in there with A8o+, 22+, KQo and maybe even a lot more hands like Axs, QJs, JTs. Given that fact, I really don't think fold is a good play there.
  • lessthanthreee


    @medein1984. it really depends a lot on the opponent but i agree raise/call is the standard line in that spot with AJo.
  • Fantomasiks


    very good
  • Nagger82


    @ 25:35 you raise small with KK ; isn't it look weaker to shove ?
  • lessthanthreee


    @nagger82, with 12bbs you should have a r/c and r/f range. i think you get more value this way.