Interview with Jose 'Girah' Macedo in Gibraltar

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Portuguese poker prodigy Jose 'Girah' Macedo visited the offices in Gibraltar and talked about how he started with poker, how he managed to win over $2 million dollars and more.


girah interview jose macedo

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  • vhallee


    Enjoy the interview! Please keep the comments in English.
  • Angelface21


    I am living in Estoril actually! So you could translate that BR management also in sng's. Up 20 buyins you go to a higher level, losing 2 buyins you drop back down!?


  • CheckBop


    lol scammer.

    Pokerstrategy should delete these videos adn fire him imediatly as a coach.
  • ElNunho


  • smokinnurse


  • Tim64


    Suggestions on 2+2 that maybe Girah had no grasp of English are clearly incorrect. He is perfectly fluent here. I see no reason why others would have needed to write his posts for him. Im not commenting on his honesty or otherwise - just giving my impression of his linguistic ability.
  • rons


    lol @ 2:20 "i lost 300k because i got scammed"
  • IsaacAsimov


    @ Tim64

    Yea his English is clearly very good and he sounds like one of his parents might be American/British (his accent sounds like a mix of both).
  • Coolpawn


    Nett, dass dieses Video jetzt mit "Fun" betitelt ist :-)