Gameplanning with ge5sterne - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne continues in Part 2 of Gameplanning with more thinking ahead and the importance of quality decisions.


gameplanning series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Saruniks


    you should teach us how to run that good :D
  • Sinnology


    Another great video.
    In the begining we had AQ on BTN and what appeared to be pretty loose CO open raised.
    I would almost always 3bet there, so I wonder why didnt you?
    Maybe just calling is better soultion to keep hes worst hands in play?

    Can you pls post a link from your blog or smth?
  • Benzodiazepin


    flatting AQ is pretty standard. without any history, u cant expect villain to call worse oop und u cant shove over a 4bet profitably. but since AQ ist far ahead of his co range, play a nice singleraised pot ip and keepm all the domintaed holdings in. the same applies for TT,JJ in this spot on those stakes. its called polarization: 3b/b ur nutrange, 3b/f some bluffs and call the rest.
  • summermonkey


    There was a royal flush at the 9min mark!
  • Zemnieks11


    German autoban police at 16:15 :D
  • ge5sterne


    @3: Against an unknown I don't have a reason to believe that he will stack-off lightly Preflop nor call my 3Bets light. A 3Bet with AQ in these Positions will always be +EV, but that's also the case with hands worse than AQ which dominate less of Villian's opening-range. In this particular spot I like to keep Villian's range wide and crush him Postflop in position (unless I have a read that he likes to call 3Bets OOP or 4bets light).

    @6: Indeed, the A9 is fairly close to my place ;)
  • deeplyshaken


    what about 24min 78 hand. was that shove at the river ev+? , it was very likely he has a flush...
  • ge5sterne


    @8: It's faily unlikely he has a flush if he checks the River with less than Potsize behind in stacks. Our perceived range will contain quite a few TP combos, all of which will often check behind the river in that spot. Hence he is rather unlikely to check a made flush to us (or at least should be)
  • Philfox1985


    Surely its a way-ahead / way behind situation?

    Question is, what was he going to call with on that board that doesn't beat a straight?
  • ge5sterne


    @10: WA/WB is not exactly the correct terminology for a riverspot, because there the equitys are fixed and one of us has 100% and the other one 0% ;)

    But yeah, I am also not sure if he is going to call with worse often enough. In most cases he will just c/f his range. But since we are almost never beat, given the line Villian took, I figured I can shove for value and hope for Villian to be stubborn enough with Qx to find the occassional herocall and not worry about valuecutting myself too often.
  • Letsdothisish


    May I say this is one of the best video series I've seen here. I really like the format, 3 tables seem more than enough if you also go over some earlier hands in the hand replayer. It also gives us some time to think more about these spots and easier to recognise them again instead of for instance just talking about a hand that occured 8 minutes ago. The tempo is just perfect.

    Furthemore I really enjoyed the gameplanning on further streets and what you're planning to do if villain f.i. checkraises big, minraises, etc. Something we should all keep in mind while playing.

    So definitely a very helpful series! I think other coaches/video makers can learn from this format and perhaps take it with them.
  • maphacks


    i also liked the video but i didnt like the 67o where u had the straight on the flop. when villian lead the turn im sure its a mistake only to call. even on those boards fish can play their sets that way and if he turned top2 or whatever 2pair on the turn hes way more likely to get it in right there. additionally we have no clue what to do if the flush comes on the river.
    so in general i see absolutely no advantage by just calling the turn only because T9 got there.
  • Wacko118


    Im sorry im 1 min in and just to comment. Love the "and you know..... crushing souls" Awesome definitely my favourite video maker on the site
  • BelleElle


    Hey. I enjoyed the videos. Thanks for them. I do have a question. Why do you 3bet ATo in the first video (about 20seconds in), but flat with AQo in the second?
    ATo seems to be easier to play in a 3b pot when called, with a higher chance of a c-bet working. While with AQo it seems you want to have someone crushed, which could lead to making even more.
    Is this the reason for playing the weaker hand stronger? And is playing AQ likely to make a lot more by flatting? It seems you won't make enough from him in medium pots, to justify for this.
    Anyway, it is clear I am guessing. And I'd love to know what your reasons were.
  • BelleElle


    Oh and also, like #12 said, I really love the 3tables + reviewer. Three tables can be quite enough to have to follow, especially since like to listen to what you say, and make predictions on how I would play the hand before you make the decision.
    The review is a great filler for when nothing happens. And the in-depth analysis is very helpful!
    If it were up to me, this should be the standard for these types of videos!
  • ge5sterne


    @15: Thx for your feedback, I appreciate it! I am not quite sure which AT-hand you mean but I am sure I reraised it as a bluff. AQ on the BU I didn't feel like I could reraise for Value, because Villian was unknown to me and I didn't know if he is 4betting or flatting 3bets light. Hence 3Bet/folding didn't make sense as a valueline and 3bet/shove vs unknown for Value on these stakes seems overplayed. Consequently I opted to flat and paly the pot in position vs his wide opening-range which allow me to make decent money in medium sized pots, considering how much I dominate of his range, especially in position
  • siweq86


    7:20 i really dont like your raise vs unknown at very wet board :) Imo the best is

    folding flop
    13:30 KK, imo u will never get 5betshove with smth worst then KK+ from regular player from nl25 without right dynamics. 140BB deep! So i think that 4bet/call is EV-. I prefer to call preflop and watch what will happen next cause i cant see other way to play this hand
    20:40 QQ what do u think about shipping river for value from Tx? His calling range

    in this spot on river looks really weak and i think that better idea is to take max value from Tx then some value from Kx :)
    24:00 Sick hand :D I think he will never call u with worst hand and hi will never

    fold better, so on the river i prefer checkback, but im not sure if this isnttoo

    weak :)
    What do u think about shoving turn? He can have some draws like AhQ or

    sets which call our shove. When we call blank turn we never fold on blank river

    (non heart) so if he have flush... shit happens
    38:20 imo u cant call this turn :( Its too drawy. If he has JT... shit happens. He

    could donk combodraws, sets, 2pairs, FD + pair and when we just call SB get great odds for drawing.
  • siweq86


    i don know what happened with my comment :(
  • ge5sterne


    Min 7:20: Sure we can fold the Flop, but as I mentioned in the video, his Range in this spot will mostly be comprised of marginal made hands and draws. He can't really have "it" very often, taking this line, while our Range can still include all Overpairs, Sets, Twopair and strong combo-Draws. Also we have Outs to TP and we can rep hearts with Eqity on the Turn. So definitely a good +EV spot to play back at Villian and one of the better hands in our range to do it with.

    13:30: You may be right but my image must have been fairly loose and I assumed I could pick up some deadmoney Preflop often + get it in vs a range of at least QQ+,AK and due to my image maybe evene JJ. Maybe a bit optimistic at these stakes, I certainly don't mind flatting Preflop as an alternative.

    20.40: Why would he call us with a T if we overbet huge? I assume you mean a J for a Straight? We could consider that, but then we don't leave him room to maybe put us on the Straight and try to c/r bluff AI. Will not happen often, but even if he does it sometimes, we profit. Plus I think the overbet shove will look to strong to most opponents at these stakes and generate more FE than we'd like here.

    24:00: We could shove Turn, certainly. I kinda like that play, although we are almost overrepping our hand, he may not get away from TP with a draw and similar hands. But I think flatting is also fine, keeping his range wide, repping a weak range ourselves, etc. River again is a close shove I believe, because he will rarely have us beat given the line he took. He will seldom call us, but I think he mostly has weaker hands than ours and if we don't shove we don't give hiom the opportunity to make a mistake.

    38:20: Agreed, especially on stakes where players make bad calls, we should shove Turn.

    Thx for your feedback!
  • ameisenmann


    JJ-hand at the end:
    you said you might get him off AT-AQ when you bet Turn an River. That made me think "rearry?!"
    At these stakes I don't think that this will work very often. He might think that you could have a better Ace but call anyways because many players are too curious and bad. I blowed too much money in the past in such situations where i got called down even with 2nd pair. Although his stats might look reasonable it does not say that he think much about our head.
  • Harnas31


    From what poker site is this game?
  • Harnas31


    I guess it's R.I.P Full Tilt.
    I regret I didn't have occasion to play there.
  • Harnas31


    It would be nice to see at the end of each video your amount won.
  • TetraQuark


    lol, godmode on ... but nice video though :)