Jennifer Harman Slowrolled by the Nuts

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Jennifer Harman suffers a sick beat and is slowrolled by the absolute nuts.


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  • MattKaufman


  • Hygucmek


  • Rothko


    I don't play mtt but, I mean, on the turn 98s is a fold, right?
  • Johnnybi


    @3: nono u dont understand ;-), on the T he thought he had 2 a mustcall for a fishyfish after basically telling her what he had, omg.
  • ormusJ


  • PapaDzo


  • SebastianKutz


    so sick!
  • QuadAc3z


  • Tudazul


  • ezeoli


    and then says the online poker is rigged!!!
  • huiiiiiiiiii


    haha was is der zeidman für ein mongo oO
  • minipliWTK


    wo war das slowroll???
  • blackops888


    I see no slowroll here. The guy just took a few seconds after her bet and went all-in. I don't get it.

    He was actually in bad shape on that turn and wasn't acting.
  • Wolfsjunge


    @4 .. hes just had 1 out on the turn, jennifer hold the Q of diamonds
  • Witz84


    @13 absolutly!
  • strikee81


    übelste kacke.
  • necroHolio


    @14: but he didnt know she had the Qd, so he thought he had 2 outs
  • ElHive


    its a slowroll cause Harman put Zeidman with her 3K riverbet allin and he just had to call. instead of instacalling he leans back and gives a speech about sightseeing and shit.

    thats what i call a slowroll
  • badgerer


    #18 i agree, definitely a slowroll
  • batyams


  • DonRonRaven


    glaub nicht dass er da auf 2 outs caleld sondern auf alle flush outs... was auch schon knapp würde...
  • DavidGarban


    so sick
  • Harleyps


    sick hand!
  • RealTHC


    Hab ich das richtig verstanden, dass er sagt "Die einzige Hand die mich schlägt ist AK" ???
    Wenn ja OMG xDD
  • ZhukOFFskI


    да уж...
  • tambayvf


    I go all in on the turn !!!
  • RaisyDaisyyy


    it really hurts watching the video, watch the betsizing xD
  • prugo


  • benbomb


    What a slowroll fu***** moron. And then he asks everyone to cheer for Harman. What a fish!!
  • lendoff


  • dafahong


    one out can win,but he win
  • dafahong


    one out can win,but he win
  • LuckyKidPoker


    他妈的 视频打不开
  • AVS74


    that´s poker!1..
  • cv0skr


  • buddyg1209


    unfassbar!! :)
  • Steelbrewer


    classic slowroll which made Zeidman famous, most of the time he is recognized aas "the guy who slowrolled J. Harman".
  • Nikita1972


    Just a suckout , not a slowroll in my oppinion .. I still feel sooo bad seeing her in this video ^^ So sad
  • AntonySh


  • AAdrobekAA


    all-in to call on the river with nuts (moreover straight-flush) and givin a speech about sightseeing, its sickening slowroll
  • adflex


    In my opinion a slowroll involves more than one street. That's just my opinion, though. It's funny, though. This might prove my poker ignorance.

    However, if he wants to maximize profits on the river with that hand, checking is probably the best thing to do, right? In his mind, she might think he hit a flush, so she might just call with a straight (he originally was thinking AK). He wants to make sure he's all in by showdown.

    If he bets, she might be able to get away from it, but he's thinking she might only call. Letting her bet first (which she would do with anything he's putting her on) will allow him to maximize profits by shipping it on the check-raise.

    She's got the odds to call with her hand, so he's making sure he gets max profits. Does that sound correct at all?
  • icrushyou


    wow..........that hurts
  • jimmy99x


    This is my luck . i always loose like her .