Boomer Live on Stars - Part 2

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  • $2/$4
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In the second part of "Live on Stars", we see how Boomer2k10 adapts to his opponents as he warms up his Poker play after a brief interval.


Boomer Live on Stars Live Video PokerStars

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Video and please keep the comments in English!
  • madorjan


    Hey Boomer,

    Cool vid, the video recording idea is great, I'm gonna try that soon. As usual, I have a couple of annoying questions.:)

    06:00 - you say you'd like a raise on the turn - isn't it a bit overplaying your hand? I mean he shouldn't have a 3x in his range, so your hand is like the ultimate bluffcatcher on this board. Do you really feel there's enough value for a turn raise?
    13:00 - A2o against 2 fish (both have openlimped till that point) I guess it's kind of easy, but against 2 regs what would you do?
    14:40 - you auto-fold (that is a big change in your game:P) 95o getting 7:1 - what offsuit hands do you overlimp here? what odds do you need to overlimp with 95o here?
    17:30 - I guess we're quite happy listening you rambling:)
    25:00 - Q3 hand - is turn c/f an option? The pot is 2BBs, and I feel the majority of his peeling range has me drawing dead here. Also, there's nithing in the middle basically.

    Once again, thanks for the video and for the answers in advance.:)
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    nice video again ;)

    19:00 why not c/c the River?! You do beat all draws, maybe he's even cb some FHs with the A in the board, his range is polarized, I think c/c is not too bad!? I really don't like betting becaus no better hand will fold (if he called Kx on the turn he will call it on that river as well) and no worse hand will call. I think the bet is not good...I don't like your argument "if I check he will bet, I have to fold", but why do you have to fold? You do invest 1 BB with betting as well but I can't imagine any worse hand calling/better hand folding. So it's just a bluffpreventionbet and then c/c is much better if you do believe that he's capable of bluffbetting. There are no better busted draws possible.

    Even if he's never bluffing c/c is not worse than bet because you just invest 1 BB (if he cb low PPs then you saved 1 BB im comparison to bet).

    22:00 it would have been interesting to hear something about what you would do vs a bet on the turn!?

    24:00 once more it would have been nice if you told us how you would have played the turn in his position.

    It's really interesting I think.

    Betting would be the standard probably? He balances his range and gets a calldown from TT-66 if the River blnks up, or what are you doing with TT-66 on that turncard (especially if you don't have a flushdraw)?

    Problem with check in his position is that he can't really get awy from the hand unless a rivercard like this hits. If there's a blank he probably has to call down against KQ with flushdraw especially.

    so he loses 2 BB with c/cd and he can't really make a save riverfold when it's a blank.
    However if he bets and get raised it's really an awful spot for him, he can't really fold again because of KQ but calling down loses nearly every time as well ;) maybe b/c turn c/f river? but again you coul barrel with KQ as he has to fold PPs with's a tricky spot for him I think.

    Would be glad of you if you could say sth to that :)
  • Boomer2k10



    06:00 It's close for sure, but given the action calling's probably fine looking back at it. If for example the SB had 3-bet my button open preflop and I'd called the flop I think it would be criminal not to raise the turn.

    13:00 I think it's a pretty clear raise/fold situation. I can't just peel hoping to bink an Ace which may not be good on the turn and letting 6-outs draw for cheap is also a bad idea. So this may be a case where I can raise, buy position and continue the hand from there even with A-High. Of course this means I have to raise other hands here as well so no slowplaying trip 3's :)

    14:40 Correct shouldn't have auto-acted but it's nowhere near as bad as one you'll see soon (Spoiler Alert for my next Party Poker Video). I would need the whole table to limp I think pretty much. So trashy.

    17:30 Good, good. wait 'till you see what I'm thinking of on that front ;)

    25:00 I certianly don't think we can x/c. But I think we're still ahead of 7's 5's and he may even have 68 or something like that so I think the bet is ok if a tad thin in a small pot.

    Thanks for watching
  • Boomer2k10


    @ Hamberg

    19:00 x/c is an option because he's a poor playing player...although that does mean I'll occasionally get owned by K-high. I will disagree on your K-High point as a lot of poor playing players play the absolute value of their hand so K-High is no pair, whether it's the nut bluffcatcher or not. Additionally I chop with all Q-Highs so there is some value in getting them to fold as well.

    Also my read was this guy draws all the way to the river with any 2 and I don't, essentially, have the value to bluffcatch Q-High becasue I don't think he's aggro enough to bet the river with everything that's missed. K-High I'd be fine with but I don't think he's bluffing enough to make Q-high a correct calldown.

    It was basically a judgement call in the moment which went a bit wrong but heh hoh

    22:00 Close but probably call down because if he fires twice here on the turn and river my A isn't looking so hot vs his raising range on that board and getting 3-bet on the turn is an absolute disaster plus I can always bet the river if he checks to me. Out of position it'd be interesting...I might actually just donk the turn thinking about it.

    24:00 In his position he's in a really rough spot. You're correct that when he check/calls the turn his hand's totally face up to me so that's not a good thing.

    Betting the turn may get him value from 88 but that turn's so bad I may even fold 66-77 without a club on the turn would have to do some combo analysis to see where the breakeven point is.

    I'm actually wondering if he can play x/c, x/f here. It would be contingent on him having both x/r and x/f hands on the turn as well but it's probably a levelling game

    With him x/c'ing the turn I should realise it's a SD line and if that's the case I should be value betting the river and nothing more BUT then there's a level on top etc.

    Hmmm, I don't really object to his x/c on the turn I'm not sure tbh there's much more he can do. I'm always going to value bet an Ace anyway so he doesn't give away any info with that and with the stronger parts of his range like AK, AQ (maybe) and sets he can x/r the turn to pick up value from weaker made hands.

    River, I guess vs a balanced opponent it won't matter what he does but I guess he could fold non-Jack Broadways and 4th clubs and call everything else

    Hope my live and jumbled thinking helped :p-
  • Boomer2k10


    Sorry he should never have AK/AQ, replace w/ AJ :)
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    19:00 ok true, you could get splits to fold. But will he all random Qx on the turn just on outs? Expect from the flushdraw he couldn't have ANY draw on the turn but 2 overs...
    if he calles Kx on the turn he showas sd-ambition. And if he's folding that river then he has to be VERY POOR, especially fish on those limits use any reason to call down their hands and if they got to the river with Kx they will call it as well unless a very uncomfortable card hits. And I think even a great fish knows that the A is at least not bad for his hand...

    oh I didn't read the next part of your post. Do you really have such an accurate read?! Because you only have 7 hands of him ;)
    why do you know he's not bluffing there? If he's passive he will rather not make thin valuebets, but a random fish on that limit alwas has the potential to bluff vs a check...

    24:00 yeah I also think he can fold any club river and any non-J-broadway.

    he could balance it playing AJ like this, true, but that's it...

    problem with c/c c/f is that it does not represent 100% sd-boundness as you could barrel twice to get him off from hands with flushdraw. So you could read his c/c as c/c c/f (especially with flushdraws) and then his lvlfold with his pair won't be good...
  • Boomer2k10


    I am pretty sure I had already seen him call down to the river with at least one hand he had no business being there with. Given that my extrapolation of that particular read is fair. Additionalky despite being involved constantly he had not shown any aggro tendencies so given the 2 pieces of info I had I decided x/f was tbe action. Was is correct? I do not know but the one thing about exploitative vs balanced play is youWILL make mistakes trying to exploit people. But overall you just hope the extra you gain makes up for the mistakrs
  • Shidlovsky


    25:00 Q3o hand on flushboard again:
    There are just 5 cards in the deck that beat you, so what kind of range do you give him so that you aren't chopping 40% of the time? He didnt even raise turn so in my eyes you are x/folding against 6s/8s which is 2 cards?

  • Boomer2k10


    It's been a while since I played this session but I wouldn't right the nuts completely out of his range due to bad players loving their slowplay and iirc he had a bad case of FPS.

    But looking back on the hand I probably do just have to pay off for the chop on the river there.