Moving up in PLO - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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New videoseries by suitedeule. He will start on PLO10 progressing through the stakes accompanying each with a practical and theoretical take. Ideal for anyone new to Omaha.


Moving Up in PLO serie Titan Poker

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  • SvenBe


    enjoy the video :-)
  • blackops888


    Hey man... I think you will have to move to PLO20 instead of PLO25 if you remain in iPoker. It's fine to me, once I play on Poker770 now...

    Let's go to PLO20 then! Nice video.
  • fuselzwerg


    Nice video! Like to see more PLO10 stuff!

    Any further comments on the aces ~min 51:15 ?!
    For me these aces look too weak 3-way with these stacks.
  • FonzzySVK


    We want more :)
  • thebatsman


    great video... much appreciated... don't know if's possible but it would be nice to see you in the same table position each hand,every table... makes it easier to watch especially if we have a few games going on another computer....look forward to the next
  • darkprice


    give us some PLO25 at Partpoker since it's the lowest stake there :D

    And maybe something about how to play when you start to get deep against other deepstacks?
  • suitedeule


    hey, thanks for the positive feedback ;)

    so far its close, im probably going to do another plo10 vid, followed by plo20 @ ipoker (have no money on party sry)

    concerning aces @ min 51: dont really understand why they are too weak tbh. i mean we are getting it in preflop which is obv always best scenarion and u see urself what holdings they are shipping preflop... ;)
  • amaranty


    nice video. Looking forward to plo25
  • hackbinder


    Awesome video! I learned a lot.
  • Fush


    27:50 : Isn´t that too thin to make a valuebet with trips and K-high kicker on the river? Which hands you think you´ll get value from? Aces, worse queens? I think he´ll have more hands in his range that beats you when you get called (AQ,fullhouses, maybe even badly playd T9) and he´ll almost never calling with worse. Only hands you beat is busted flush draws, aces and kings.
  • BillGatesIII


    Thanks and move up to plo25 indeed:)
  • Omarhawk


    Nice vid. Would like to see another PLO10 vid.
  • crononDBR


    #10 +1
  • M1rCea


    to continue from 17:00
  • Figopolski


    Tolles Video, gut erklärt, super englisch!
  • lodinn


    great vid, ty!