Userreview with lessthanthreee: santostr - Part 2

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • Fullring
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A user sessionreview from lessthanthree offers us an insight into the tactics used during low-mid stakes SNG Tournaments, in addition to this we are offered advice that will expand our game during every stage of the Sit n' Go.


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Comments (8)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • forndran


    is the AQo UTG fold ~@ 3min standard ?
  • lessthanthreee


    @forndran, definitely want to raise that hand. sorry for not mentioning that in the video. I was preoccupied with the other table.
  • kurrkabin


    Thanks for the nice video!
    18:00,do you really think raise/calling nines is good in that spot vs these 3 opponents?They will give you more respect since u open the HJ and hero has so nitty VPIP/PFR on that table,plus BU and SB have both passiv and fishy stats and I don't think they will be re-stealing wild enough to make this +ev call.Even if they go for 77+,AJ+ it's still bad.
    32:00 what do you think about just shoving AKo here?It's not that much of an overbet+this guy is so fishy and aggressive and so he's not really gonna be raise/folding a lot(so we don't lose that much of a value),plus he's gonna be floating a lot of flops.I definitely think he's capable of donk betting here with a semi bluff or bluff hands like draws,KQ,AT+ etc. You can make an argument because we have a possition but this is the kind of guy who is always gonna call your 3bet,he's capable of bluff betting and he's rarely folding.Vs a passiv fish I strongly believe 3betting here brings more value,but this guy is so aggressive and I'm not really sure.
    46:20 I dont really think k8o is a loose call.Sb stats are reggish so I will always assume he's going for at least 50% here.I didn't see hero checking if this guy was a mt,but he looks like one.
  • z4tz


    24:00 TL, Couldn't you consider removing the top of his range as I don't think he would raise 3.5x with any monsters. Don't think AT would be a shove anyway but it would make quite a big difference for a hand like AJ or 77?
  • santostr


    24:00 I didn't think he would 3.5x big hands. I agree ATo is still a clear fold.

    27:00 335 was a typo
  • lessthanthreee



    1. i think its going to be the bottom of our r/c range. its not a fantastic spot but without any specific reads I think they will reshove wide enough to make it good. its not a great spot so being a bit nitty and raise/folding vs the bigger stacks is certainly fine.

    2. i dont think its that bad to just shove. but tihs guy does seem quite aggressive and loose so I really want to give him every chance to spew off his stack with a 4bet bluff. we want to size the 3bet so we are committed on most flops if he decides to flat oop. im not planning on giving up if i miss.

    3. 9/9 looks pretty tight. i would expect a reg to have looser stats especially over 5/6max. i would only call if i was certain he was shoving wide, and im not convinced just based on his stats.


    Im not sure if this villain is a reg or an unknown (based on his sizing i would assume unknown). Against a reggish player I would agree with you, but I dont think we can remove QQ+ against an unknown.


    thanks :)
  • Fantomasiks