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In the new series by Boomer2k10 "Live on room", we see how Boomer2k10 plays on the average day as he hits the tables at roomPoker.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Tillit


    Hi. I'm really a fan of your high standard Vids. My problem with this one is, that you play a bit your style. Instead of using every information to get a fast grip on the players your dealing with and how they tick. For example in minute 7.50 on the left table the guys left and right to you brutally missplay a hand and give a lot of information about their ranges in future hands you play with them. Maybe you wanted to exclude hands your not playing as it might get confusing or it's not the theme of this video. I still find it important and not sure if it's realistic to be omniobservant in live videos.
  • Boomer2k10


    I see what you're saying and yes that was a brutal misplay by him in that hand

    (For anyone who missed it he opened 84o in the cutoff, raised a loose passive player's donk bet on an AJ8 with 2 spades, got 3-bet and saw showdown even when the flush completed. To be honest this type of spew is very obvious, even just by stat reading, and missing it once isn't a big deal, to me the bigger deal is the SB who bet/3/bet A2o on the flop which is a big sign he potentially over-values top pair/bad kicker which would have been a very useful read that a stat may not tell me)

    However the plain fact was I missed it at normal speed and sadly these things can happen, it can either be because I'm getting set up or get distracted but usually I do try and observe this kind of stuff (You notice me chatising myself for not taking more notes later in the vid I think)

    I do play a fairly default taggy style in the video mainly because I'm trapped into doing it by the fact the players in the game are so poor so really there's very little room for maneuver but I certainly understand what you're saying.

    Thanks for your comments
  • Sascha26


    well a pretty good video again just 1 Question on the Hand at

    8:00 A3s

    ist it here an option to raise the flop, the pot is big and he has never ever the Q. I think we have foldequity also against the fish behind. Of course we the board the board is 2 suited but the pot is big an i think it would be worth a shot
  • Boomer2k10


    This is certainly an option but I felt my odds of getting isolation were fairly low and with the lack of major draws present I felt the donker was more likely to have a made hand so it all added up to a fold but this is definitely a spot where I think


    so its certainly not a bad play to be considering
  • ipo44


    Is that the old software? I don't find this table config in the new software.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    5:00 without having seen the result: why shouldn't he have any 5x and slowplay it?! If he slowplays he rather will only have the 5 than a fullhouse...98, 84 are not so likely as you say. I would 3-bet agains 5x here.

    22:00 nice spot ;)
    Before I saw the result I thought about a similar spot I had recently also 3handed and he cr being in absolute position, I fold my TP and he shows like 2ndpair or what and I lost a HUGE pot, that's really annoying so probably you should call any Ax in those spots.

    Remember that this was the guy against whom you folded the river with 97 a few minutes before.

    I don't understand why c/c wasn't an option for you with 97, even tha most passive fish is capable to bluff any spot ;)

    haha nice at 26:45 "usually I don't even leave that table unless the house was on fire and even then I probably transfer to a laptop" :)

    and I recognized a typical indication of slightly tiltplay in 34:00-34:30 when you have KK and go for bc flop cr turn on the 766 board anytime after you made an aggressive move (after your cr turn and bet river) you immediately went to the position on that the callbutton will arise when it's your turn with your cursor, am I right there?! :D

    I recently did the same thing in a session when I feared to get raised ;)

    45:10 if check then I would always cr, wide range, you're always ahead and so on.

    But I like donking very much in this spot as he could check back with AQ, AK, your flopcall on this boards represents SD-value and he can't valuebet AK, AQ he's seldom ahead in that spot and if you have Ax he can't expect to get 2 BB on the big streets.

    But donking is great he will call down with Ax probably especially with the gutshot and if he folds you can go ahead and bludd him out in future. by donking gutshots/OESDs
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    Nice Video, i'd like to see more of it.
  • Boomer2k10



    Yes this is the new software, I just don't like the new layout so I downloaded the old layout :)
  • Boomer2k10



    5:00 The problem here with 3-betting is than
    a) we can't fold to a 4-bet and
    b) how likely is he to raise a lone 5 now??

    We chop with 34 (9 combos)
    We lose to A5, 65, 75, 55, 66, 77, 48s (50), 89s (50) (35 combos) (gave him hearts and spades for higher straights)
    We beat 35, 45, 58, 59, 5T, 5J, 5Q, 5K (44 combos)

    So on combos we do just about have a 3-bet (60% equity rule) if he:

    a) plays 100% of hand from UTG becasue some of those hands are trash and
    b) Will slowplay all of them to the river.

    If neither of those are true this becomes a pretty standard call.

    26.45 :)

    OK I'd save the cat first THEN grab a laptop

    34:00 as mentioned I did go into a bit of auto-act in this session so you're certainly right that was probably B/C game talking there

    45:10 Interesting line. What else would you donk with here? KQ maybe? Or are you thinking purely exploitative vs A-high?
  • Boomer2k10



    Stay tuned :)
  • HamburgmeinePerle



    the range A5, 65, 75, 55, 66, 77, 48s (50), 89s (50)

    consists only out of 28,5 combos.

    and the range
    35, 45, 58, 59, 5T, 5J, 5Q, 5K

    consists out of 60 combos.

    So that's more than 66,7% EQ for us.

    maybe he doesn't cap 98, 84 so we don't even need exactly 66,7% EQ but less than that.

    well he does have 100 vpip, why not assuming that he plays all hands?!

    If he slowplay 75 he will also slowplay any other 5x because he hit his fullhouse on the river.

    And I think he wouldn't make a difference between trips and fh to slowplay it, fish always slowplay trips+... ;)

    so I still think it's a 3-bet.
  • HamburgmeinePerle



    depending on how good is my opponent. If balancing is important you can easily add KQ, Q9, 98 (Q9 and 98 if you called the flop having like a BDFD, so that's not so many combos but anyway it's enough to balance it).

    But against most opponents I would just play exploitive there and donk Tx hands. If he folds you know that he folded SD-value and you can just bluff himout with KQ, 98s, Q9s in the future, so he can't make save folds there.
  • Boomer2k10


    Sorry i miscounted 58-5K so yes that would put it right, I also missed AA from the other range

    Not sure where you get 28.5 from though as I explictly said hearts and Spades for suited hands so there should be no .5 portion (6 combos of each of the FH's, one of quads, 2 of each of the straights...if we include AA that's 41 combos so once again we're brushing the 60% equity line, and then we're into a debate about what he caps)

    He has 100 VPIP after 5 hands, that's nowhere near enough of a sample to say he plays 100% of all hands.

    Also be very careful about using generalisations vs unknowns even if they're fish. "Fish always slowplay" is an opinion not a fact and certainly not a read we can have based on 5 hands.

    While I'm certainly willing to consider 3-betting as an option here I'm pretty sure it's not 100% clear cut, maybe slightly on the side of 3-betting but not by a huge amount.
  • Boomer2k10


    Not sure about knowing he folded SD value in 45:10

    He opened the button and followed through on the flop, from a Standard Tag he's still holding over 40% of his possible openers there so if he folds to a turn donk that doesn't really mean much, just that he was at the bottom of his range

    I might do some range work though definitely just to see what he may be firing on the turn and seeing if we can work on some ranges based on that...might even make a good video. We'll see...I'm intrigued :)
  • Boomer2k10


    @14 Sorry, screwed up again, I've been away for two days and my brain's not working right

    6 combos on each of the FH w/o sets
    3 combos of each of the set FH
    2 on the Straights
    1 on quads

    So 32 combos...right?? Plz?? :)

    Ok so that's 32 combos vs 60 if we're assuming he plays 100/0.

    Still comes back to what he's capping but yes makes this much closer to a 3-bet, sorry about the confusion, long couple of days and really tired :(
  • Pharaoh23


    always a pleasure to watch your videos, please keep on producing them as long as possible ;-)
  • Boomer2k10


    Hehe, as long as you guys keep watching and Hamburg keeps me on my toes I'll be here as long as you guys want me to be :)

    Thanks to everyone for watching and for your comments
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    #14 oh yes there should be nothing with .5 but doesn't really matter, I just took half of the combos, not considering if hearts/spades are possible or not. Doesn't make a great difference.

    of course "fish always" slowplay was a little bit of a joke ;) but you see it really often.

    45:10 if he folds the turn he will almost always fold with some value because he almost always had a gotshot or Khigh+.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    #16 yeah 32 combos are right :)

    but when you argue that he might not limping e.g. 53o because 100/0 is not live after 5 hands (which is obv right) then you also have to notice that he might raise AA and maybe some of the PPs that leads to a smaller range that beats us.

    I think guessing that he plays 100/0 might be wrong but it might lead to the right line anyway as both the range that beats us (because he might raise some combos of that re) and he range we beat (because he might not have 100 vpip) are decreasing.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    #18 that really sounds great :)

    obv ty for this video again.

    And really great job that you always look in the comments and refer to it, that's really great!!
  • sixhigh


    As expected - another great video by you Boomer! Your explanations are great. Go on like that.
  • sixhigh


    @ Hamburg and Boomer:
    22:00 I have seen this a lot of times. There are a lot of fish out there who are unbelievably passiv HU in small pots and miss value. However, I was surprised a lot of times that these players run for weird monster bluffs in huge multiway pots. As soon as the pot gets really big it seems that they go crazy to win it.
  • Boomer2k10


    By the Way Guys this video is flagged as $1/$'re sellin' me short here :(
  • datsmahname


    Really enjoyed this video. nh sir.
  • EverSteel


    Hello Boomer,
    a couple questions if you might:
    1) the 1st hand, 54o. Could you give a reason for folding given correct odds other than "playing this first hand right away"?
    2) the 3rd hand, KQo. Why dont you cbet the flop, what's the use of 3betting pre then? If you're scared of the coldcall by SB, what range do you give this coldcaller?

  • Boomer2k10


    1) I don't think 54o is a good call even getting 5-1. The rake is high at 2/4, especially on Party, and even if I thought I could play this for a profit in a no rake game, which is debateable, the rake will swallow up any profit I could make playing this hand.

    2) The use of 3-betting is I have an equity advantage over the HJ raiser.

    The reason I don't C-bet that flop is that I don't have value vs the 2 ranges I'm up against and neither of them are folding a better hand. If the board was dry I would have C-Bet but that kind of board where I have no-pair no-draw it feels like burning a bet to C-bet there.

    It's stylistic though I feel, 3-way you can probably get away with c-betting 100% of your hands without being too badly exploited. If this way 4-way+ I'd be very strongly against C-Betting.

    Thanks for the q's
  • Slavlk


    54о = 5.5-1. MP2 limp/call almost always. Correct pot-odds for 1-gap-os connector. JTo too fold?

    I'm sorry I did not write correctly in English, but I hope to understand the meaning of my utterance
  • Slavlk


    2)What range of giving small blind before the flop?
  • Boomer2k10



    54o is a much different hand to JTo just in sheer raw high card equity. Just becasue 2 cards are connected does not make them automatically playable. 32o is a pretty blatant fold here imo and 54o isn't that much better. Suited I would obviously call.

    2) Vs someone even remotely competent (which I can't dismiss becasue I have a 2 card read so far) I would say medium pocket pairs, Some A-Highs more than likely suited. Some broadway combos and the odd suited connector hand as well like T9s although that may be a bit rarer.

    So really the only part of his range I'm doing well against is the Suited Connectors/Broardways which have completely missed. And that still leaves me up vs a HJ range which is also going to be pretty SD-Heavy
  • Slavlk


    I made a mistake by writing that 54o - 1-gap-os connector. Of course it without gap OS connector. But 32o 2gapOSconnector, therefore not profitable to call with that hand. To protect the big blind, we have 15% equity. Since 54o we have much more.
  • Slavlk


    KQo.You have foldequity vs KQo, Ax: ATo and lower. Vs SB you do very well stand in the pot 3bet. Also bet the flop you get information about the spectra of opponents, while, if you play check, in turn will have a tough decision to continue the game.
  • Slavlk


    because you can not just say that your opponents will bet, and that its spectrum of check
  • Boomer2k10


    Umm 32o is also a 0-gap connector. There is no gap between the 2 and 3. Also your equity is only part of the riddle of a hand. Sure if it was all in I have a marginal call but I also have to play oop post flop and extracting 100% of my equity is going to be nigh on impossible.

    Betting for information is not a good reason to bet. Ax is not folding closing the action and neither is a Pair. That said I do not think a bet hetr is hortible certsinly if we have a bdfd but on this occasion with no backfoor draw I decided to take a free catd. The only reason I am entertaining a bet is because of how big the pot is.
  • Shidlovsky


    24:50 T3o shouldnt we complete any2 there?
    And speaking of such spots, how does it change if we replace fish on bb with a reg?
  • Boomer2k10



    To be honest it probably is an any 2 situation but there are certain hands I will pretty much never play under any circumstances (See "Elements of Poker - Worst Hand Play Chart")

    But especailly with a fish in the blinds you can probably play any 2 here and not lose sleep over it.

    If the BB is a reg it won't change too much as he's still going to have to have a very strong hand to raise 5 people.