Olof Thorson 2003 WSOP Main Event Blowup

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Olof Thorson goes from the chip leader in the 2003 WSOP Main Event with 16 players left to out in 16th place in just 2 hands.


2003 Blowup Olof Thorson wsop

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  • MattKaufman


    Enjoy, and keep the comments in English please!
  • MITStudent


    where exactly was the blowup? He should take some lessons from hellmuth - he knows how to handle these freakin' idiots from nothern europe :O
  • MattKaufman


    #2 Chip lead to out in 2 hands? Just because he didn't act like a jerk after doesn't mean he didn't blow up imo!
  • MITStudent


    not true imho, i had that thrill of anticipation that he would blow up and freakin' out...

    I think it's not a blowup, rather he is on tilt.

    no blowup there sry :(
  • kiromanAAKK


    Do we still see such way to play these days???
  • Nickita86


  • cjchalmers


    yes it is still a "blow up" ...
  • Infiesta


    wtf is this joke of movie?¿?
  • Grinsefisch


    @4: it's not about blowing up. it's about getting blown up
  • turoo


    lol @4
  • pidimitrova


    most WSOP players - so bad
  • pokervital


    вот так всегда
  • Grannyhand


    going all in pre flop with KK and Farha would fold, maybe
  • LemOn36


    [ ] blowup
  • jimmy99x


    he was suppose to go all in pre flop