Billy Kopp Blowup vs. Darvin Moon

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Billy Kopp goes from one of the chip leaders to out in a giant pot vs. Darvin Moon at the 2009 WSOP Main Event.


Billy Darvin Kopp Moon wsop

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  • MattKaufman


    The original poster of this clip can't spell 'Huge', but we think you'll enjoy it anyway. Comments in English please!
  • katala1977


    непонятно как младший флаш выиграл у старшего?
  • Nickita86


    ачки на полке вазьми...
  • LX4DR


    blow up?
  • Endurx


    where is that blow up i dont get it :|
  • jwiedemann


    stupid motherfakker call 53s
  • bondzyn


    Did he try to make him fold bigger flush? Otherwise it doesn't make sence.
  • Plajer1


    Did he try to make him fold bigger flush? Otherwise it doesn't make sence. !!!
  • Schenikoff


    Твою мать, частенько такое дерьмо случается...
  • AceroJD


  • tryhardnoob


    [ ] Blow up
    [X] Little cranky
  • justenjoy


    #1 Comments in English please!

    Like somebody even reads first post. :)
  • Tim64


    pretty hard to avoid going broke there imo.
  • Freemanjke


    #2 "переиграл" in other sense
  • Daewon7


    Wenn ich mich nicht täusche hat man doch danach sogar Darvin Moon dafür kritisiert das er da gecallt hat (oder so)
  • bradomurder


    I love the commentators "he should've checked the turn and then if a diamond hits it's an easy fold" Yeah pot control with a flopped flush... Poker's so easy when you've got hole cam.
  • Grannyhand


    That´s why you should not play such shity hands like 53s - maybe you hit the flop and you can´t get out!
  • Jogoldstrike


    #13&#16 it was an awfull move not necessarily because he played 53s but because he was something like the second biggest stack and 3places away from the final table, he would get a lot more money from sponsors...
  • jimmy99x


    good one
  • jackinbeat


    Wow, paired board, don't think it's a case of him trying to get a better flush to fold, it's more like a total breakdown of logical thinking
  • Benrenc380


    I totally agree with grannyhand .once i play with 78 suited and had a better flush against me.these hands are giving me nighmares.j or q high flush against better flush plus.
  • Benrenc380


    I think i would fold my flush on this board.if i was a chipleader or sth like this.he would get more money if he folded.and i think it would be a good fold.