MSS Winner - Part 4

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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MSS Winner shows you how to successfully play MSS. Part four of Subar's series discusses methods we can use post-flop to encouarage our opposition to make mistakes.


mss winner PokerHeaven series

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Ratatuj


    It should be for basic status )
  • chikenchons


    FullTilt... :(
  • MeSe7e


    That idea of passing from MSS to SSS is good for me, since i was a player of SSS, i'm gonna try this.

  • TingelTangelAA


    u rock!

    thanks for the video
  • Manu2611


  • phiRO


    are subar and peppery the same person or are the videos dubbed?
    i know it's live play so im gonna guess they are one and the same, no?
  • Pascal


    both of them are are Russian Coaches
    so the videos are dubbed
  • BadeaCelRau


    Seriously, which limits could someone beat playing like this? I don't get the
    "I think this is too advanced for now" moments.
  • Manu2611


  • emilxb


    which stats program are you using? and where can it be downloaded?
  • p0rkus


    #9 The video is meant for beginners
  • sburglar


    what is our shove range when we fold 99 at 19:50?
  • Darkyd10


    I didnt quite understand why to play with a broken stack

    Like you might get into more profitable situations but you are aswell winning half as much from your good hands aint i right?

    Did you find the broken stack would outweight the lower win? Was it one of your experiments to increase the soo called greenline?
  • SSS101


    20:30 Isnt better to cc since 3-betting EP1 in EP2 is pretty much KK/AA ?
  • fishlock


    good series, picked up alot
  • roqallo


    ^^ good work
  • dimateo01


    so many fish here! was that before online poker was banned in US?