$200K Guaranteed User Review - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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AaronLambert continues his new series with the review of Hand history provided by Ihuffa from a 9-max (Full Ring) SNG, $55.


$200K Guaranteed User Review series User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • w34z3l


    That was so exciting I nearly lost a tooth.
  • Armatura777


    Я тоже так думаю!
  • Beckstowner


    ThePocket QQ fold is ridiculous.. I can never find a fold in this situation. 1. Our OR is so wide, if the 3 bettor knows this, than his range can be wide as well which is why the the 4 bettor has imo most likely TT+ AQ+ in his range if he is at least semi thinking since he has only 18.5BB and there is already so much money in the Pot. 2. The 3 bet is way to big. It looks much more like he doesn't want to be shoved on by us than that he does want to. Sure some fish do that with just monsters but the average player in these kind of fields just thinks: I 3bet him cause he can open wide... The only thing why i would consider folding is from the strategic perspective. We have a stack with which we can open our game a little bit more than usual. If we loose to the 3 bettor we are down to 22 BB and are in reshove mode.. But still i think we are definitely ahead of both villains ranges if they are no nits and there is a lot of money in the pot. Let me know where you disagree Aaron or it would be nice to know from ihufa if he had any specific reads on the oponents at that time. btw your videos are awesome and there are not many spots where i disagree with you Aaron :)
    Keep it up!
  • kniddel


    Why would you want a call from ak or jj here? Makes no sense to me. Imo it is much better to take down the pot right there then to take a flip as a marginal favourite.
    I'd probably check back the flop there and push turn (improved or unimproved) in case he should bet.
  • ihufa


    This was after being awake for 30 hours, and i remember after the very last hand there was a break and i went and got a coke, refreshed my mind and got ready to play well for the last part of the tourney :D

    The QQ hand the initial 3better SNAP 3bet huuge, and the 4better SNAP shoved. combined they probably spent about a second so that's why i ended up folding.
  • ihufa


    #5 that was my reasoning aswell. I also think he'll fold all his better flushdraws (and other hands) that he intended in c/shoving himself that all have 30-80% against us. One could argue he would never fold something like AdTd but being very close to the ft and him being a fish i think he would
  • AaronLambert


    @4 I liked to get it in here as well but I don't think it is a miserable fold. I do think he should have called though against most players.
  • smokinnurse


    funny play in the 55s^^
    and hero ihufa ... very impressive^^
  • fastbreaku


    Do I use the Nash-SB-Push-Chart with BigBlinds or True Big Blinds when there are antes ?
  • Gex222


    Fold of QQ is very good.

    we are 3beting UTG range wich shows that we are pretty strong.We are getting 4 bet by decent stack and getting shove by Big Blind who is shoving vs 3 players.
    Even if he has AK we are still having big stack on our right.Those ranges are killing our QQ.We have only invested 8k , even if this big stack on our right has AK we dont wanna to have a flip for 100k+ ,better find another spot.Good fold sir !
  • bj355


    I think the fold with QQ is horrible. Against their perceived tight ranges, you're basically flipping. I don't know why for any reason you don't want your queens to be up against AK, I mean, if you don't like having almost 60% equity versus a certain hand go ahead and fold queens.

    The 3better will also fold sometimes so you'll be in a good heads up situation for half your stack with a ton of dead money.
  • bj355


    Then you call the 5x open with AQo????? His range here is probably JJ-88, AA (a lot of fish open very large with aces) and AQ+. KK and QQ are probably also in his range. You have like 35% equity against this range. Do yourself a favor and just fold.
  • bj355


    with the 87s hand why would you want to get in with pocket jacks? You should be happy if he folds any pair.
  • bj355


    you want a hand like ak off to call...(while you look at the equities) it's basic math....him folding AK is good for you because you only have 55% equity against it...you'd rather he just fold...