Blind Battles - Practice

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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In the final part of Blind Battles, 4ertik puts his teachings into practice with a detailed commentary and hits six tables to steal blinds.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Justgame


  • MrMercedes


  • yomatiyo


    Why do u allways steal to 3bb?

    Min 14, if he ch/shove to our small bet river, what do u do?. And I dont really understund why not calling preflop whit JTs. Why do we need to rep all the boards? we can hit really good against his range I think.

    Min 21, why not 2do barrel the T against all his PP TT 99 88 77? why check/call? if he bets big we cant really cause we dont have implieds I think.
    And wtf??? we did not see the river action LOL.
    I like beting the river like 6usd or something like that, but not going for a bigger size (cause polarized), is ok? what did you do?

    Min 28, u say "it is a 3bet pot", but cmon dude =) tell us what happend, cause for the positions it seems that u open utg and cc a 3bet oop whit JJ. Is that what happens?

    Min 31, whit K9s, why not betting 2/3 of the pot cause the flushdraw? dont u do that?

    Min 35, u 3bet allways KJo vs bu OR of unknown? I offten just call cause I dominat (that is thw word?) his range a lot and I dont wana to isolate my self against an stronge range.

    Min 36, why not miniraise T for freesd against his draws and worst PP? he is so weak and he can call aur miniraise even whit AK or AQ.
    I think we loose value just calling the turn.

    Min 39, I dont like the size of the raise in the 3way flop.. why so big? we even get our self a really bad spr to make him fold until the river (cause he is weak), and I dont get why we bet so big if we are not continous whit the action (and even that way, the raise is too big cause the stack remaining of our oponent doesnt give us a nice leverage efect whit our bets).

    Min 40, table 4 we dont isolate from the BU a limper from mp whit K9o, why?
    Table 5 we dont steal from the BU whit J7s, why?
    Table 3, again, why so big if we are not planing to contunous? u say "not need to make it big" but you are doing it big (against this people), his range is inelastic against your raises, dont u think? 1.5 is the same that 2usd IMO.
  • yomatiyo


    Min 41, u fold A3s from mp in table 2, why?
    U 3bet an unknown nity player (until now) whit total bluff in table 6, why? his range has to be at least somewhere strong, and can allmost allways call our flop cbet.
    Table 3, u CC vs utg whit A2s whitout much info, why not 3beting?.
    I mean.. I dont understund why say that whit JTs u are not calling bb vs sb cause u have to rep a lot, but u call whit A2s from mp vs utg, and u will have an dominated A, only suited hand (an hard str8s to get), and the probelm of gettin sqzeed a lot. Why u call? what is your mind thougt about the table and the situation?

    Min 43, now we fold J9s in mp in table 2. Is not random and inconsistent?? I mean, we CC vs utg whit A2s, then.. I THINK that we are not in a loose table and we not expect to be sqzeed a lot isnt right?. So.. then why we fold J9s from mp? is the guys behind is are not so active?.
    I dont get that...
    Table 5 we fold 56s vs an CO open... why? we 3bet 45o but not 56s in similar situations... it seems spewey and random...
    And u say "yeah, we can also fold", but we was loose and whit 100% foldto3bet (and u give importance to this stats.. so). And oterwise u said in the beegining of the vid "there is gonna be a lor of postflop action", but we fold that and u say "it is ok" and no "it is a mystak, sorry"?.

    Min 45, u fold 89s in table 2.

    I dont really like at all that u give too much meaning to stats when u have no more than 100 hands.. I cant understund that.. u say "well he calls preflop but he folds to cbet" but there is not even 100 hands...

    And I dont like that lineas seems to be inconsistent and random/spewey.

    Dont like the vid at all.. sorry, I have to say it, and I am sorry for my bad english.

    Oterwise, 3beting TT form bb vs utg doesnt seems to be really godd IMO, and there is a HUGE variance in that move (unnecesary on NL25) but I think is ok anyway (that is just an opinion).
  • Omarhawk


    23:35 What happend on the river in the Ad8d hand? Did you bluff him out of the Pot?
  • Cyanks


    pole yoma
  • MagnumLemon


    Although I liked the first two parts of the series, I don't like the third part at all. It's rather a regular session review than what I expected. Furthermore 6 tables and a very unconvenient HUD for educational purposes make the video pretty exhausting to watch.
    On the other hand you chose some unusual lines in several spots and came up with a couple of interesting thoughts. Some of it certainly wasn't the best play, but it gave me some ideas for my own game.
  • Confuser79


    Nice video. I'm not into short handed tables yet, but it gives me a good idea how wider the hands range is
  • p0rkus


    @ #8 - yes he did, sorry that part was cut out from the video when I was editing (he bet $7 and OP folded)
  • p0rkus


    although in my defence, it showed the OP folding for 1s while zooming out :D
  • yomatiyo


    and nothing about my thoughts? why do u coachs ask for feedback if u do not answer
  • p0rkus


    I am getting your answers, don't worry :)
  • Harnas31


    why do you move the arrow when you speak and dont show anything with this arrow ? its a bit irritating and difficult to watch.
    I never know if you suddelny going to show sth with this arrow , so constatly following it when you just play with it is irritating.

    thx for vid
  • 2phil4u


    very good Video. Not to deep, just the stuff to beat NL25, keep making videos like that.
  • andertos


  • p0rkus



    3BB steal - you can make it 2.5 or 2. Since the video is silver+ a lot of beginners will be watching and they won't be able to adjust so well because of the amount of postflop action that will occur. That's why it's 3BB in this video.

    JTs - I didn't call preflop because there won't be a lot of situations when we will hit. Also, since his range is so wide we won't get paid off often enough when we do hit. Another thing to consider is that we will throw away a lot of money by folding to his cbets.
    I fold if he shoves river because I don't think that players on this limit will turn their showdown value (99 etc.) into a bluff. Also, no one is going to pure bluff with something like AK because if they put me on a bluff they will just call me with A-high.

    Implied Odds - So what if we don't have any? We've got the nuts. Also, I think that he would raise the flop with strong overpairs.

    K9s - it's a 3bet pot (there is little point in defending from draws in 3bet pots)

    KJo - Almost always. It's either a fold or a 3bet, I like to put pressure on our opponents which is why I 3bet a lot.

    Raise on the turn - I agree.

    Raise size - you think it's big? It was less than pot size. I should have raised more, about 2.6.

    Table 4 - Should have isolated. Table 5 - the guy 3bets alot + the BB is unkown without a full stack. Decided to fold. Table 1 - I mention that I should have raised less.

    Table 6 - I 3bet because the OP is a nit and his fold to 3bet is 100% (there might be only one case, but if he folded once he will do it again). At the same time we create an aggressive dynamic with him. This was probably done for the sake of the video since I don't have any stats on my opponents I made my decisions pretending that I had more :P
  • p0rkus


    A3 - the CO's 3bet is 9, the BU's VPIP is high, I will be OOP or I will get 3bet so I don't see any reason to play in such a spot.

    A2 table 3 - This situation is completely different from the one with JTs. With JT I was up against a loose OR range and I was certain that if I do hit I wouldn't get enough money. Here I call a tight range. If we hit an ace - we call his cbet and then give up, we arn't here for the ace. The other thing to remember is that the BU is loose and his 3bet is small, the only guy who might squeeze is mihail and even he won't do this all the time. Meanwhile I have a great opportunity to play in a multiway pot against a strong MP range = if we hit we will get payed off (unlike the weak SB range). Also we have a fish who will frequently have a flushdraw worse than mine.
  • p0rkus


    3bet with 56s - I just didn't see this. It's definately possible.
    J9s - the situation with A2s is as follows: I cold called hoping to play against his tight range, at the same time I know that I will frequently get cold called and it will be a 3-way pot, and then there's mihail who's applying pressure with his 3bets - he's OOP and he won't want to squeeze a tight UTG raiser as much as he would like to squeeze me. Therefore, when I get dealt J9 I will be OOP, I will get 3bet frequently and even if I do get called by the fish it will only be a 2-way pot + he has a lot of suited hands in his calling range and while I would dominate all of them with A2, I won't with J9.
  • p0rkus


    I use the stats that I have. You will have the same stats but instead of 100 hands you will have a lot more. Do you really suggest that I play this limit for a couple of days to get to know the opponents? Do you really want me to play with everyone as if they were completely unknown and thus not be able to show the things that I wanted to show?

    The decisions that I made that you consider random are not so. They are decisions based on the current situation I find myself in and not simply based on the cards that I have.
  • Maniatrix


    The riverbet is just an invitation for him to check raise all in... Strangely he did not do it in this hand with the flush.
  • Maniatrix


    What happened on the river with the A8s hand?
  • p0rkus


    he bet $7 and the OP folded
  • yomatiyo


    Hi, sorry for the long time.

    I honestly thanks that u take the time to answer all my question.

    In overall I am not really agree whit some thoughts, but ok, is just poker and is just an opinion.

    IMO we cant really give importance to a stat of 100 hands in a lot of cases, but ok, I know a lot of people that do it just like you. I just think is overrated cause 100 hands is like non sometimes.

    And as I say, I am not agree whit some things but, I do like that you do have arguments to defend what u do and play, and that was my main point, that I did not see really arguments for some plays.

    Now that u give them, the video (at least for me) has a lot more of sense. Even I be or not be agree whit some plays.. cause in the fact, I am the fish here =)

    Thnks a lot, I just hope U didnt belive that I was just critical cause I want to. I just was trying to be constructive in my (particular?) way.

    See ya in other vids =P
  • Kimes


    I have to say that your hud multiple panels sux ;) anyway great vid!
  • BogdanDr


    min 9 - on the turn you give him a range consisting of Qx, some pocket pairs and sets and decide to bet in order to make him fold his weak pockets and see his hand strength. Well, is it +EV to invest a turn bet with no equity for information on his hand if you're not planing to bet the river as well (you mentioned that if the A hadn't hit, you would have gave up)and only to try making a player with an "uncertain" stile fold pockets?
  • BogdanDr


    good series overall, very clear and simple to understand.
  • roflushh


    wow, nice vid. plz do more to keep the russians fishy