User Review with lessthanthreee: shujee

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lessthanthreee continues the user session review series with shujee in the format of the bubble / final table at a $55+$5 SnG tournament. Learn how lessthanthreee does analysis and in-depth discussion.


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  • ihufa


    It's a long time since i played 9mans but I'd also always take slightly negative EV spots on the bubble to be able to shove atc almost every hand for the rest of the match. I'd can't believe the K4o and J8s aren't huuuge mistakes :)
  • anjik775


    Lol 2 folds with AQ against short stack is way too tight he is pushing king high even !! how are going to win if u fold such hands
  • Shujee


    #1 K4o is never going to be "slightly" negative, so it's always a fold. As for the J8s, "Hero fold" influences the decision a lot in my opinion; i probabily overestimated SB's pushing range in that spot, and so it should've been a push.

    Altho, considering our position, i'm not too unhappy with the fold, since the player on our left had an high fold BB to steal,player to our right gave us a lot of walks and as i said i wasn't sure about "Hero fold".

    I didn't like my 72s fold at t200 BvB, but i'm still ok with the KTs on CO, which you said was bottom range. I think it can be folded since it's still t240 and there are two tight randoms on this bubble.

    Thanks for the review :).
  • Shujee


    #2 First AQo fold looks ok to me, i mean, it's an easy table with just 2 regs, and an uknown pushing 14BB at t40 is mostly gonna have PPs and AT+ in his range imo, way more often than Ax or broadway cards. No need to get this marginal spot, considering the field and the lack of infos we've on Villain.

    Second AQs fold, against a uknown's 3B and a cold 4B, it's a standard fold.
  • anjik775


    But you dont consider that the fish just try to out play you what did really happened when he showed his hand in the second spot.If you have called in the first spot : first you do well against a loose pushing range of a short stack wich is agressive fish and second you ramain with 14 bb to play if you loose
  • anjik775


    I also agree with pushes K4o and j8s cause you take down the blinds most of the times and dont find yourself in difficult situations later. As well we dont wont just drag into the money and get 1.7 of the buy-in but finish first so thats why it is better be more aggressive.
  • Antonioull


    I would limp with 99
    to see if any of the shorts shove
    and prob make a friend play with big stak
    or even fold to the big reshove wich i dont believe would be loght in this case
  • Tim64


    Awesome review. I prefer the J8s shove to the K4o. Both are obviously v close spots. I think its easy, #6, to counsel shoving super wide and being "aggressive" but finding them in game is much harder. On the bubble of a 9 man our aim IS to get to the money. We can't justify risking that just because ideally we would like a first place. When there are fish in the game we can sometimes justify a close fold knowing that the likelihood of them making a mistake and shunting us into the $ is relatvely higher.
  • davidgod


    nice game actually
    the player just play too tight ,
    early game aq definitely a shove

    q4s 10bb a shove, bb should call tight

    tks co shove

    q8 button shove
    can't believe hero play such tight.

    k4 is a fold
    75 fold
    j8s fold

    great game. but not agressive enough imo
  • davidgod


    i normally never waste the buttom range, so that i can easily accumulate enough chips to shove wide

    but good game
  • nekrikstas


    with the last hand (99) I think there's somewhat interesting strategy to push almost all chips but leave a symbolic amount in case both SB and BB call. then if BB is out, you're ITM. ofc if he wins then it is all over ;-)
    also I think I can justify limping here, because it could look suspicious to the big stack reg in SB.
  • xlesleyx


    My mindset is terrible im tilted because someone else ran into aces i need to sort myself out :)
  • s0cru3l


    Nice vid, like the K4o bubble analyse
  • wiarygodny


    great video! One of the best ive seen so far, especially when it comes to bubble analysis.

    I just have one comment:

    31:15 88 fold facing an ATC push - while watching the video i was really surprised that you said its a TT+, maybe even JJ+ spot. So ive put it into the Nash calc,0.3,0.2&s1=5338&s2=1550&s3=2849&s4=3763&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=&s9=
    and Wiz. While the Nash calling range seems a bit on the loose side and i dont think the unknown BB, even tough he seems tight, is gonna be as tight as Nash here when ive adjusted the ranges in Wiz it still looks like a very clear call to me.
    ranges ive put:
    CO 100% (almost certain)
    BB call if we fold - 5% (99+ AQ+)
    BB overcall if we call - 3% (JJ+ AK)

    our calling range - 77+ AQs+
    88 has a Diff% of 1.04!!! thats a massive amount of EV imo, too much to give up on in this spot. Even if we give ourselves an edge of 0.1 (altough with this stack setup i think its a bit too optimistic) its still a clear call imo.