$200K Guaranteed User Review - Part 4

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AaronLambert closes the hand history review with Ihufa with the fourth and final part of the $200k Guaranteed User Review.


$200K Guaranteed User Review series User Session Review

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  • WaldiChecker


  • wasnlos


    Funny to see how ihufa is doing the exact opposite of what Aaron is suggesting 80% of the time...
  • Temris


    really nice video series! Your explanations are always very helpfull.

    ...But min 29:50: i think the river check-raise bluff with 65o is totally unbalanced since hero would only do this with a ten for value,,and a ten rarely checks the turn after villains check back on the flop... besides that villain seems to be the biggest donk at the table, so hero should be prepared to see some random weird slowplays... just check-fold the river and keep the chips for plays in position...
  • marquisGrissom


    Can't remember the last time I cracked AA twice in a row...also I think you were both quite slow to adjust to oldenholdem. As soon as the table shrinks to 5-6 players it seems clear to me that he is a -80 or -90% ROI player. Because of that, you should play him out of position only on very, very rare occasion, almost never bluff him (A4 at 56 min?) and bet big on any made hand. I still find hard to believe you suggest that 1M bet on that flush hand at 59 min. You've seen him call on the river previously with the nuts but you'd think he would fold a q or even a j?....Stay on higher limits i'm afraid you could be beaten on micros ;)
    Just joking...all-in-all nice video, thank you!
  • Temris


    ......aaaand min 50:10 (with Q8 of Clubs,oop) on the river there are tons of busted draws in villains range (KT, AT, AK, T9 etc any two diamonds).. and with the high river aggression villain showed so far (typical for a fish) its a mandatory check-call---- bet-folding this river(against this opponnent) is a money burner in my opinion,,,and bet-calling is an unnecessary gamble for nearly 10k... i would always c/c there with top pair even with an good kicker
  • AaronLambert


    I prefer check call as well... I think Bet calling can't be an option because he isn't raising very much there with air... Even with missed draws I think he gives up on the river

    I prefer Check/Call
    #2 would be bet/fold
    #3 Bet/Calling would be the worst play
  • ihufa


    He was a super station so betting for value seems best if you're capable of folding. He called my all in with J9 on the flushboard remember? I don't think it's really close.
  • AaronLambert


    I think headsup I like to give the opponent a chance to bluff on these type of blank rivers in general. This is why I lean towards check calling.
  • JohnTheGreatest


    tnx Aaron, great series!

    wp ihufa! :)
  • AaronLambert


    thanks very much!
  • fastbreaku


    Do I use the Nash-SB-Push-Chart in part 3 with BigBlinds or True Big Blinds when there are antes ?
  • nicopoker90


    nice video! thanks!
  • Pr0teus


    Great tourney! allmosta all of the strategy concepts were shown up by ihufa. unlucky HU