Leakfinder with mbml: Dublimax - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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mbml continues the Leakfinder series by conducting a review of part of a session from Dublimax.


Leakfinder with mbml series Titan Poker User Session Review

Comments (13)

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  • luckexpress


  • TheJesusOfSuburbia


  • yomatiyo


    I love this coach!

    Another great video!
  • killerslo


    nice video :)
  • yougotfelted51


    nice vid mbml, keep it up!
  • andybandy008


    great stuff
  • Floppy77


    good explaining! Keep going!
  • tiego69


    i understand why other parts are restricted to gold level i'm happy to have been able to see this one as a silver member, so many concepts tackled.
    i totally agree with the notion of trying to extract the most value on river in regard to opponent calling range and not only considering that hero's hand is ahead
  • SillySaurus


    Another amazing video from Mbml.
  • LemOn36


    you keep referring to raising BB with one limper as 'Iso raise'

    That's not what it is - it's just a raise/pumping money into the pot as we have him already isolated.

    /being a douche
    I like your videos
  • LemOn36


    25:34 8JTr board after villain squeezed and we opened MP.

    YOu said plan is to check KK, but...what is the plan for the hand?
    Check call? What do we do on the turn?
    Check fold?
    Check shove?

    Seems like we are hoping for a check nehind and a safe turn card
  • Doty


    I like the vido, although it is here and there a litle frustrating. You say a couple of times what hero has done wrong and what he sould do instad, but you dont put any further thought in it.

    one example is #11, one other is small valuebets river what are we doing if we get raised (e.g. QQ)... etc.

    but beside that i think i have lerned a lot, thx 4 that ;)
  • wascom


    Jesus ,no one complaining about his english ? ITS unbearable !!!!