6max User Review with lessthanthree: The Unknown Hero

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  • SNG
  • $55
  • Shorthanded
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lessthanthreee does his first Shorthanded userreview for an unknown Hero from the PokerStrategy.com community.


FullTilt series User Session Review

Comments (12)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • evpatian


    Where do you take such a pusy nitty players?
  • sismis


    I wouldn't agree in 6max chip accumulation is more important than in 9max. What you probably mean is that overall players ranges are more wide so you can play more hands profitably. Overall i don't mind playing tight in first levels and waiting for weaker players and fish to battle each other in marginal spots and then abuse their mistakes later in push/fold phase.
  • lessthanthreee



    yes thats another reason to loosen up. but the payout structure is more top heavy, meaning we can take more marginal +cEV spots throughout the early stages so we can take advantage of our stack towards the bubble.
  • Tim64


    16:00 45o; Hero has the info that villain checked top set on flop (2nd hand) and minbets turn or drawy bd, so that could be an argument for not stabbing at the AT6K4 bd (since villains turn/river range on the board isnt capped by the fact that he didnt bet F or Trn. However, if hero thinks there are enough slowplayed Ax or Kx in v's range then a fold on river is probably correct (i.e. he should be consistent)
  • Tim64


    19:10 84s I dont think we can conclude that villains limping is super weak. The last hand he completed was A2o (the previous time), so Im not sure bloating the pot by raising his limp is right. If he had shown 93o then it would be different?
  • Tim64


    23:15 89s I also think cbetting the 738 bd is better. One thing I wasnt sure about: you said that if we ch/R he is going to fold a lot of draws that he would get it in with as if this is a bad result for us. Isnt it the opposite? I mean if he is willing to put in $ on the flop with a hand that has 30%+ eq vs us and then fold to a raise, dont we get the best possible outcome?
  • Tim64


    31:00 88 horrid check/back on flop; horrid huge turn raise.
  • Tim64


    39:10 K9s - absolutely butchered this hand.
  • Tim64


    Great review - thanks! - very useful for our weaktight hero.
  • lessthanthreee


    hi Tim :)

    54o, I agree. if you have those reads checking the flop is ok, but I would probably still stab the turn.

    84s, bloating the pot IP with a playable hand against someone playing very exploitably. sounds like a good idea to me. I would probably check back more combos that are easily dominated like K2o,Q2o etc...

    89s, yeah you are right that is a pretty damn good result. What I mean is that the only time we get the money in after c/r we are toast so we are c/r to produce FE rather than c/r for value and i think our hand is strong enough not to turn it into a bluff. hope that makes sense, its a tough spot.
  • Gerovit


    10$ says Tim is our hero.
    Very good review, more 6-max pls