Nl $50 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

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  • slikec


    I love last hand :D Nice explanations. Very nice readings(hand ranges of opponents).
  • bobaol


  • bobaol


    Sry, I just wanted to make a note, but wrong edit box :)
  • tocuws


    Great video! The evalution was excellent, and it's very nice that you always include various scenario's even though they don't happen.
  • plaukas


    Excellent! I like that you comment various possibilities and your plans for the hand on later streets.

    Make more :)
  • batmanbg


    m3 bet, you fold :D
  • Sedeete


    lol@lasthand :D

    Really enjoyed, ty !!
  • mouse89


  • zubrils2


    I think BU play deserves at least some criticism because often in that kind of spots player make a squeeze just because after 2 people have limped ur isolation range doesn't have to be that big and for me it's a good spot just to take the pot down pre flop if I'm in SB. Let's be real - low card flops he pays of AA, KK anyways(when there is straight/flush draws out there for sure) and when A or K appears on the board he has to fold and some of the time his opponents will have a weaker hand anyways. As we saw this passive play clearly was bad, he had to bet the flop at least and then decide on the turn if u call and if u raise flop it's an easy fold for him.