Introduction to Single table SNG's

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Chenny8888 brings you an introduction to STTs. In the video he will explain the the 3 stages of a SNG and the strategy adaptations you have to make in these stages. The theory will be followed by a session review where he illustrates the concepts in action.


Beginner PokerStars Session Review Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Endurx


    nice old nity shool of micro SNG poker i really enjoyed
  • qMantas


    thanks a lot chenny :) always +EV to watch your videos. GG
  • esuohdla


    Do you think micro SnGs on somewhere like party, with such high rake, are possible to get a decent winrate longterm?
  • MancaMulas


    in the articles says "Early stage: 24+ bb"

    "Middle stage: 13-24bb"

    "Late stage: 13- bb"
  • chenny8888


    @4: 20% and below is winnable if very soft. Above is not worth playing
  • Mat33r


    what do you mean with 20%?
  • spitfireee


    @7 - the rake value
  • Mat33r


    @7 thx
  • dw00d


    nice video, very informative thanks! time to get started with my 1000 icm trainer questions =D
  • Harnas31


    99 folding [34:40]

    - Many ideas in here are so against my understanding. No wonder I dont like playing SnG
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    great strategic content, was surprised by some plays being EV+ and thus defo benefited from watching the video.
  • shijiebei2012


    fly! Thanks.
  • fermgraciano


    #11 Its simple. There was a sitting out player with 2 bb's left.
  • voidmind


    Nice vid. Like your videos :)
  • brianmeaney


    well just watched half of ur video..and won..must watch d rest of it now.. ty
  • Semesa


    sup chenny, teaching my housemate the pokerz, figured your vids probably a good place to start.

    cya @ macau if you going.
  • moveon123


    very nicely put easy to follow thank you
  • M1rCea


    Chenny, how do you feel about Un8bomber dude's play around 35:00 where he is shoving ~90% of hands being a big stack to put pressure on the shorts?

    Is it a right play?
  • chenny8888


    on the bubble for sure, provided your opponents aren't extremely stupid and call wide. I think ATC is fine against any semi decent opponents.
  • travinski1976


    not to question your skill as I am a rookie and appreciate your advice, but during the vid u played how many tourneys? and only won once, u did make it pretty far through most but is your push strategy with weaker hands at the bubble better than tightening up and waiting for a stronger hand to dbl up with?
  • Blinkybill87


    i think the same as #21
  • KJoff


    Yeah do that, I will take the massive blinds and antes until you get aces or get blinded away, np...

    I think just calling with AK in the first level at these stakes and hoping to catch an A or a K on the flop is clearly inferior to pushing.
    Most of the time there are clowns who just want to give their money away by calling allins with Ax,KQ etc. and if you dont take this money someone else will.
    Aces or Kings are the only hands we fear and they are highly unlikely bc we hold both an A and a K reducing the potential combinations to a minimum.
    You can also get smaller pairs to fold with the push and win the pot uncontested, if you are called you are in great shape or flipping most of the time, if you lose you didnt lose much time and can play another stg, if you win you are the chipleader and can dominate the other players at this level easily.
    You say you would call another 120 on the flop meaning you invested 200 chips on a roughly 1:3 chance to spike TPTK with little implied odds if you catch instead of taking all the dead money with a raise and being able to see all 5 cards if youre called.
  • chenny8888


    i've even had streaks where i've lost even more than 10 (ten!!!) tournaments... in a row! not to be too condescending, but this is obviously what we in poker like to call variance, something that rears it's ugly head very often, and makes results from a small sample size of tournaments absolutely (and i mean this in the literal sense) useless. what's much more important is either how we play, or, if results matter that much to you, our results over much larger sample sizes (like 1000 tournaments).

    @23: honestly it depends. if you're playing on a stake where people will happily get it in with you with Ax and KQ in the first level, then by all means the correct move will be getting it in. however if:

    1. our opponents knock each other out very often when we fold/play a low risk strategy (letting us get to the money more often) and;
    2. our opponents aren't readily calling AQ- and KQ all-in preflop (making our equity worse),

    then calling preflop and trying to spike TPTK and outkick our opponents will be a better play.
  • Laci24


    Thank you!
  • Erik95


    nice video