Leakfinder with mbml: TheShade - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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mbml continues the Leakfinder series with a user session review from TheShade. Enjoy Part 1!


Leakfinder with TheShade series User Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • manic0712


    seems like 6max
  • yomatiyo


    Min 7, family pot (L)
  • Shevtshenko


    ~11:30 AKs, imo, c/cing F is better than c/ring or cbetting. He's going to bet prly close to 100% of his range on F, so vs that betsize you get the proper odds to c/c. Also, you save money the times you're behind and induce bluffs from his broadways on T. I'd say c/cing F, and calling down is the best line here.

    21:25 you say "if he was a tag, i pot river to rep flush". Would your betsizing in this spot be ~psb if you had a flush?

    Video finishes in middle of a sentence.
  • yomatiyo


    El video muere al Min 32 =(
  • Slev1nK


    funny that a "pokercoach" cant do even a very simple ev calculation.. fish
  • vonki


    I agree with #4. But the pot will be 118, not 95.5 as per your calculation.
  • DanielK


    Thank you #5, we fixed the Video!
  • Dodozz


    Thanks for the video
  • FingersMalone


    Interesting chat that appears on Table 4 at about the 55 minute mark. I get the impression that the player is a bit upset.
  • KillerFishes


    10:50... Srsly? Just count pot + 2x his stack left... it's like 10s thing :O