WSOP Main Event - Review - Part 1

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During his time at the WSOP, braminc recorded the details of interesting hands he played during the 2011 Main Event, now he shares and discusses the interesting spots with us.


hand history review series

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Zhusy


    I hate it when people talk so much. It's like nanonoko he talks about 1 hand and says the same thing 20 times in about 15 minutes. I liked how Girah explained things, SHORT and USEFULL.

    Just my opinion :P
  • antoniocalado


    gira talked that way cause he planned that story all the way down...for sure he trained his speech fo like 1000x before he made the video.
  • sismis


    i dont know what can be more useful then to really explain all inputs and thoughts before making decisions and plan for future streets. there are some good stuff for live tournaments here.
  • robgra689


    I found it very interesting and would love to see more parts :) Good job!
  • shetius


    I am a cash player, but still this video was interesting for me. Thanks!
  • matusko


    i dont get why u are wondering about his A2 call-he splits with almost all other Ax
  • Sneijder1091


    Nice content! Please continue with the series.....Thx
  • TingelTangelAA


    great video, great explanations - expecially ur bettingtactics look genius to me - so i learnd a lot and would love to see part 2.
    muchas gracias braminc
  • Wills


    #7 matusko, 15.08.11 05:09
    i dont get why u are wondering about his A2 call-he splits with almost all other Ax


    also you said, that you arent that loose like other young players, but villain cant know that... his checkback at the flop is kinda weird but otherwise I like his play very much.
  • smokinnurse


    hm, a bit disappointing
    i had expected a bit more deep stack stuff
  • kingpowl


    dont get why u fold the turn on the first hand? since he is heavily weighted towards overpairs u have 30% (against JJ+) and a pretty standard call considering the potodds and getting about 3:1 on the turn
  • geoelt


    i really don't get why u are suprised by the A2 call...
    he splits with every A which is not two pair / fh
    didnt you say during the hand you are not trying to get him off a King...?
    and than you are suprised by his A call?
    i just think this call is absolute standard... i'm more surprised he didnt cbet the flop..
  • Sandwind


    second hand checking the turn i think it s better because that spade is a very good bluffing card and if i were him i would check raise u there on the turn 100% and i am confident that a lot of fishy players will also do that and u simply can't call
    also betting is pointless(i am lazy and i wont explain this because it s simply obvious)
  • Sandwind


    k sorry i forgot this but i think the best line there is bet flop,check turn and bet river for value if a high card wont come and he checks again(get value from ace, king high and a ten if a spade comes)
  • Sandwind


    and lol 4th hand on the river it s obvious u have to check :)) because a six will definetely fold to a bet and his most likely holding(7 8 ) just missed so u want to give him the chance to bluff
    also an ace that checked because he thought u are trapping him will definetely bet the river
    checking the river is best and also dunking the turn i think it s also a better option(u have a better chance to get value from a six and u also charge draws that will definetely take a free card if u check)
    and last bun not least :) that ace is a very bad card for him because it s well within your range)

    sorry to tell u but in my opinion u played this hand extremely bad
  • Sandwind


    lol 5th hand not the worst call but top 10
  • Sandwind


    6th hand 1800 flop and around 3500 turn is a lot better just think about it
  • Sandwind


    6th yeah it should have been more and u would have big problems if a draw gets there but be happy u are lucky :)):))
  • Sandwind


    8th hand please fold flop
    your bottom pair is already beaten or will be nothing by the end of the hand and your backdor sucks because u have to fold if a diamond falls on the turn and someone bets(as u also observed)
    also your outs for kings and 4s are not many enought or strong enought
  • Sandwind


    k advice: -learn to play hu pots
    -stop being so transparent!!!!
    and ty for the video :) i hope u learned something :)):))
  • Moneyspender1991


    It is simulation from present WSOP or what is it? You can explain please?
  • Kruppe


    88 hand: hero things JJ is guaranteed to 3bet pre, C/R flop or lead? srsly?
  • braminc


    Well the A2 hand you guys are absolutely correct! :O I noticed this just after the video but couldn't change the video just for that one comment.

    kingpowl - After thinking about the hand more, I think you're right it is a call BECAUSE i should be shoving all spade rivers as well. I don't expect old man to 2 barrel flush draws a lot, so that takes most/all flush draws out of his range. Of course if i hit my straight I'm also in good shape (as well as trips). But with pure direct odds, I don't think my hand is a great call. I need 25% equity but have only 10 good outs (str8/trips) and expect to get paid very little when I hit rivers since straights are so obvious and a paired board could slow him down.

    Sandwind - you should make videos for the site. Your game is too strong to watch an hour video from me. I do study HU for the last 6 months and I said at beginning of video (or meant to say) I don't think i played these hands perfectly at all. I do think there are some good spots to discuss though. And actually if you saw how fishy some of my table was, transparent ABC play is exactly what will exploit them the most. It depends on the player.

    Moneyspender - These are hands played in 2011 wsop main event. I wrote them on my iphone after each hand to discuss later.

    Kruppe - i dont understand your question?
  • braminc


    smokinnurse - 300 bb is not deep enough for you? :P
  • Wills


    @braminc: if we give the old guy only overpairs (and I think this assumption is pretty good), we have 13 outs at the turn (straight, 2pair, trips) and could call. Ofc we arent getting much value if we hit one of our outs, but thats not the fact, we dont need implies to make this call +EV. Also, like mentioned, you could jam some spade rivers, would like this play too
  • Sandwind


    braminc:yeah i acted like an idiot
    but please think about my opinions anyway because i strongly believe in those plays

    and also please don't disregard them i have a huge ego but i usually know what i am talking about and i am also open to further discussions

    and also if u disagree with me i beg u to tell me why

    PS: i like your sarcasm :D
  • braminc


    Ok Sandwind, thanks for your last post :). I will respond to each hand you mentioned:

    Hand 2 - I think your line is perfectly valid. My reason for betting the turn was to get thin value from spade-x hands rather than give them a freeroll and "guess" what to do when he leads 9+ or spade rivers. His flop calling range is probably Tx and A/K high with backdoor spades/straights. What would you do with Tx/5x on this turn?

    Hand 4, checking river here might be better vs his air, but if he's not the type to bluff the turn, not sure why on earth he'd bluff a total blank river. I agree A is bad card for him, big part of my range which is why I chose not to bet the turn. Afraid id get too many folds, but i suppose you can argue he's never folding 6x/78 to just 1 turn bet. 78 is the only hand i lose value from playing this way. 6x will give me 1 street regardless. Ax will give me 2 streets. No?

    5th hand agree its bad call, but for 550 chips seeing his hand is quite nice. good to know aggro to my right doesnt 2barrel super wide in a relatively good spot to do so.

    6th hand I dont mind larger flop/turn bets like you said, but lucky the draw doesnt get there?? The draw can't always get there, and it's not like im pricing him in. If 9h hits and he c/r or leads im not paying him off. What's so lucky about this? Am i not UNlucky when the draw also hits? This is a bad way to think about poker imo. The draw didnt hit and he CALLED river, meaning he prob has Jx here anyways.

    Hand 8 i disagree the most with you. If anything diff I'd go for a c/r on flop. Button range is SUPER wide/weak and sb calling range is also extra weak when he only flats flop bet. I'd like to pot it up here and take it down 95% of the time. Wehn I do get called i have some equity on lots of turn cards and when I get reraised its an easy fold.

    So, just for fun, let's play HU sometime. Honestly just for learning (not for ego). I think I'm much more transparent when you can see my cards and have hours to think about how to argue with my play.

    But I'm not opposed to you giving me some free "coaching" if you nomsayin ;)