MTT Userreview with AaronLambert & DonBartos - Part 1

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AaronLambert kicks off a new series by conducting a sessionreview of a $27 KO tourney provided by user DonBartos and offers commentary and useful tips.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Taxer77


  • chaserr


    First off all nice vid (first one I watched from you and gonna vieuw some others for sure), nice explenation with the hands giving ranges etc.

    A few questions:

    Why you want te play so on cEV in a bounty KO? Imo much players underastamate the value of the bounty.
    I agree the bigger money is 'more' important then the bounty's but I think sort off a middle way. (dunno how you type that in english xD) is the best. Great example is K9s which I agree is a fold but I call KJs for sure which is a cEV fold.
    What is ure bottom callrange for Kxs?

    I made some calculations with other type of reshovehands in a bounty KO. (where you cover the IR) And it's gonna be pretty fast to a -cEV spot before to a +EV spot with the bounty.

    Soz for my bad English typed this quickly.
  • AaronLambert


    Well coming fresh off a live KO tournament I can say the amount of money from the bounty makes a huge difference.

    This tournament is a 27.50 buy-in with a $5 bounty which means a bounty is 18% of the buy-in. The one I got done playing as a $340 buy-in with the bounty being $100 dollars or close to 30% of the buy-in. Which I think made the bounties worth getting. There is not a particular point when bounties become worth it but in this example bounties definitely became worthwhile.

    I tried to find the K9s hand you discussed and couldn't find it. It is hard to calculate using any program whether or not playing for a bounty is worth it but when the bounties are less than 20% of the buy-in I would just ignore them for the most part and if you happen to get one look at it as a bonus.
  • generico


    Nice video
  • AaronLambert


  • Harnas31


    Turbo Knockout MTT

    3,2% range is TT+,AQo+,AQs+
    If we have 7 players behind us to act, its 3,2 x 7 = 22,4 % that sombody with this hand will wake up.

    What I have learn from this vid is that we should NOT be scared of such a threat.
    We should simply push becasue;
    1. we can be eaten by blinds
    2. we lose fold equity if we will be short
    Right ?

    And now some interesting spots
    [14:24] A5s M=2,68 with 8 players behind - you say that maybe they will give you credit for pushing from utg, but the true reason is that you dont have choice, you have to push, right ?
    [20:45] K4s the same situation, push in order not to lose fold equity, right ?

    [21:32] KK flat call - wow , I love this move

    2nd topic -I have learn that I have to be a gambler even when my stack is similar to others, and not just hope to let others knock each others out ?

    [35:00] Q5o - you say ATC should be shove.
    Its seems that in Turbo you can never be happy how much chips you have, you just have to hope that others
    1. will not get 3.2% range premium hand
    2. they will be afraid of calling you
  • Harnas31


    Hand K9s is at [04:12]
  • AaronLambert


    14:24 agree completely
    20:45 I just felt that the BB can call easily while the BB in the next hand will have to call off all his stack to call a shove so it is a better situation.

    21:32 kk flat owns here :D
    Yes, winning tournaments is a bigger brag than making final tables :P

    35:00 Yep... the guy who relaxes gets busted shortly after!
  • AaronLambert


    I think I fold KJs here in the k9s hand as well. KTs imo is towards the bottom of our opponents range.
  • chaserr


    Lol soz for not saying time with that hand Aaron. Thx for you're reply.
    Hm okee, yea I would def shove K7s also in his spot but I guess for a random KTs is bottom range.
  • AaronLambert


    in KOs I think some people actually tighten their range b/c they will be called wider. Not that I agree with that thought but in general I would tighten his range a bit more than you are.
  • bradomurder


    For the bounties I calculate weather it's worth it by giving a chip value to them. Say the starting stack is 3k and the buy in is $10 with a $1 bounty then I say the bounty is worth 300 chips and do my equity calcs based on that. Does that make sense?
  • Dodozz


    Nice video, Im starting to like bounty tourneys
  • AaronLambert


    #13 I can follow your approach and I think that makes sense. So when it comes to calling a shove do you remove 300 chips from the shove to make it more +EV to call?

    Just want to be sure I understand the thought process.
  • DonBartos


    Thanks for the review Aaron :)

    K9s 4:30, do you think when you calculate the bounty as 750chips (since 3000chips is worth $20 tournament equity) it's still a fold there with the dead money etc? Agree that it would be a fold in a regular tourney, but I tend to calculate the bounty in chips aswell.

    88 6:00, Agree that Tens+ would be a jam, and Nines I have to use some kind of extra information (stats/reads) to be happy about getting it in, so agree with you there:)

    AJ 6:30, Dont you think a jam is +EV with the 550pot already there? And, dont you think you'll get too many flatcalls and lighter 3bets there to be happy about (min)raising there?

    AA 9:30, I didnt really think of him 3bet-bluffing the flop here. Im not quite sure if this tends to happen. If it does, I agree that a smaller raise is better to induce this bluff. But like I said, I havent really thought of a 3bet-bluff here since my range is quite tight at this point and I thought he's either making a single bet bluff to pick up the pot from hands like 22-66, Ax, etc. to be folding to any type of raise, or he actually has something where he's not getting away from (Kx and maybe 7x and such) and it wouldnt matter too much what I would do probably, but I do think a shove looks more like a bluff/draw hand where a smaller raise looks to me like always for value.
  • DonBartos


    63s 12:00, The players behind me tend to play quite tight and therefor I thought it would be a good spot to take the blinds, I'd probably even fold to the BTN if he decides to ship but Im not too sure about that. Both SB and BTN should realize they'll never have too much fold equity and would be quite tight in reshipping, wont they?

    76o 16:30, I didnt really like this spot since both the SB and BB have bad stacks to be shipping into imo. I think the BB was a bit too big and only has to call <half his stack and could get a bounty for that (whether or not the bounty is a big issue in this hand, I still think randoms in this tourney will tend to try and get them) And the SB just has such a small stack and should really be able to call at least a good portion of his range. I'd much rather look for a bit better stacksizes in the blinds there, do you still like shoving in those stacksizes?

    KTo 17:00, I think the stacksizes behind us are way better with no really big stacks in the blinds and also not a very small one. And with the stack I had and thinking this should always be a +EV spot to be getting it in without really risking to lose much fold equity (I dont think the 595 chips will hurt my fold equity too much) I'd like to be getting it in here, do you think it is a -EV spot or do you have other reasons to fold here? Again counting the bounty as 750 chips or something

    JTs 20:00, Agree that JTs is too loose here, Im probably better off just looking for a spot with FE.

    K4s 21:00, Should tell that AAPinchoKK (the player in the BB next hand) is a reg where Ive played quite a lot with, so I'd rather not jam any two cards into this player, I assume that will change the hand quite a bit

    KK 21:40, I like the idea of flatcalling there. I probably don't this type of plays enough.

    K6s 31:30, I think I had some kind of read that all players were quite tight (and probably losing players) and therefor wouldn't call me too light there. I didnt like the idea of minraising there as the SB/BB might make a play on me then more often than when I'd just shove

    A8o 32:00, Agree that this is a bit too loose unless BB is sitting out (cant remember since it's been quite a while)

    34o 34:00, I think both SB and BB were bad players and I think I'd still have FE there. Against any OK-ish looking players I'd fold.
  • DonBartos


    JTo 37:40, I misclicked here with the minraise lol. I have actually reviewed this game myself. It was a minraise but I've thought about it and didnt think it would really be worse than jamming. If anything it looks stronger since both SB and BB are solid-ish players who probably see me as an ok-ish player who wont raise-fold here, so they wont rejam lighter imo.

    Thanks Aaron, looking forward to part 2
  • AaronLambert


    K9s I still think we are too far behind calculating the bounty as well

    AJo Exposing yourself here I think is a mistake b/c AQ AK always calls. I just think raise/folding to the big stacks is a little better.

    AA people will donk fold air here a every so often. By making your raise look like a bluff he may stick it in with air which is SUPER +EV when you consider he'll have basically no Equity.

    63s I'm with ya

    67o If this was a non-turbo I think I could pass but with the fact that you will only get so many opportunities to put your money in I think this is one of those spots you have to put it in.
  • AaronLambert


    KTo I don't hate this spot just prefer the 67o

    K4s I have played him too... odd to see him so short and I didn't notice it was him.

    KK most people don't :D

    K6s I wouldn't min-raise here either I would just fold

    34o if they are that short chances are they are bad! so no problem here

    JTo misclicks happen to the best of us!
  • geoelt


    @ min 28... can you explain why you think he doesnt shove KTo or KJo only because the BB should call any 2?
    We are way ahead of any2, sure the BB would have equity against us, but anyway, i wouldnt really care too much about the BB in this spot (it makes my shoves tighter though, but only by a really small margin...)

    for the KK hand... if the players at the table are somewhat decent, i will allways jam it.

    what is you flatting range here with your stack against utg?
    If I see somebody flatting in this spot whom I dont have a fish note on yet, my alarm bells would be ringing.

    for sure i have a tight range in such a spot, I'd say probably JJ+ AK, readdepandent maybe also TT & AQ.
    For my experience, those fishes who are reshoveing something like 55 or so here over my flat are also happy to call me when i shove.

    what would you do in utgs shoes with TT, JJ, QQ, AK & AQs considering you are getting 1:1,67 and need only 37,5% equity? Fold them preflop against the shove? I wouldnt in a turbo allthough I wont feel too good about calling. But on the flop, I'd probably c/f them unimproved (AK, AQs) or if not an overpair.

    So what is your plan on the flop when it comes down A T 5? allways getting it in?

    I do really see some potential risk in flatting here while the potential reward is pretty low (assuming that the opponents are not superfishy). You said that we are going to iso us against KK & AA in this spot with a shove. Do you really think player XY in mp/co/whereever will fold jj+ AK?

    note that I'm really not against trap calling in general, but I really dont like it in spots where it is really obvious (to the vaste majority of players) that i'm only flatting the nuts. And this Spot is a prime example for me. It's push or fold, I really dont have any flatting range here except for missclick or special read reasons...
  • AaronLambert


    @21 We shove wide with our stack here bc we have fold equity. When you take away our fold equity and force us to a show down (I'm assuming this because the BB must be sitting out here). I do think I made the range to tight and would incorporate some of those hands but if I had J9s with that stack and someone with 50K in the BB I would shove but when he has only 5k more behind I would decide to fold there instead.

    KK (I can't find it)... I think mid and lower stakes I like flatting. In the upper stakes I like shoving.

    On an Ace board we know that is going to basically crush his range so folding could be an option (unless we are committed). The play in this tournament has been super fishy imo so that would make me want to flat as oppose to ship.
  • geoelt


    it is @ min 22... we are less than 12 BB deep... if we would have been deeper i'd agree, but 12 BB deep i'll just allways go ahead and shove.

    against competent players I think you have to shove here, but ok, i can live with a "play was super fishy" exlanation in this case :D
  • Ibototo


    Nice video but I have to we should not play postflop but only ship?
  • marfori


    i learned a lot! especially in shifting!! tnx for the vid!
  • gp00053


    Thanks this is a great video series and a must watch if you want to improve your game.
  • Askim32


    how can i get 2 different carddecks ?

    you have 2 different carddecks in this video.
  • fortuna2o1o


    very nice vid ty
  • AaronLambert


    @27 it was a glitch and I'm not sure how that happened

    Thanks for the other kind words