EPT 4, Barcelona - Bruel vs. Paasonen Sick Cooler

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A monster cooler hand between Patrick Bruel and Mika Paasonen at EPT 4 Barcelona.


Barcelona bruel EPT paasonen

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  • MattKaufman


    Enjoy, and keep the comments in English please!
  • Doty


    what a crapy preflop call^^
  • vincentkel


    Patriiiiiiiiiiiiick !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steelbrewer


    O_O I look with my eyes wide open and can't see any sickness in this hand.
  • Harnas31


    Nor do I. It would be sick if TEN hits the river
  • MITStudent


  • Chreide


    wo is jetzt der cooler ?
  • Bebo80


    I was expecting a 10 on the river what disappointment!
  • Sharkira


    das hat der franzmann verdient!
  • randomdonk


    i miss french players :'(
  • i5bet72o


    #2: well the call preflop isnt that horrible. the initial raiser has a super loose open raising range so we can assume the CO will be 3betting pretty wide, therefore ATs is ahead of this percieved range+he is IP
  • Gerovit


    he is flatting finnish player with A10 bad idea...
    though #11 has a point
  • danvoletz


    i just dont really get this game i need someone to help!!!!!!!!
  • danvoletz


    little help
  • Ennofor1


    no a cooler but sick set up
  • jimmy99x


    Nice nice hand
  • therevarend


    whats this shit no 10 on river
  • Benrenc380


    Bebo 80 i was playing on jokerstars and the guy had 1 out.and ofc it came on the river.so if the hand would be on jokerstars the 4th ten would come :D