EPT 3, Barcelona - Ivey vs. Glenne

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Eventual champion Bjorn-Erik Glenne isn't afraid of Phil Ivey's aggression.


Barcelona EPT glenne Ivey

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  • MattKaufman


    Enjoy, and keep the comments in English please!
  • Xenitron


    what a sense of video
  • Abrikosov


    Really nothing special, Ivey's hand was clear. If Glenne had a hand like AQ, it would be interesting. And of course he should wait a little bit before going all-in.
  • Harnas31


  • Genius91


    glenne bets 150k on the flop and the commentator says ivey raises to 200k . solid

    also i think glenne shouldn´t tell ivey what he had... ^^
  • 87bowser


    Just a bad shove. He's isolating himself against better hands. His hand has too much value to turn it into a bluff.
  • RainmanTrail


    That's a terrible all in by Glenne
  • Falco35


    hm??? Whats so special at this hand!?
  • Falco35


    Everybody has to be afraid of Phil Ivey? And Glenne isnt it?! Is that the message...lol


    на это епт наверно специльные фишки были для Фила))))
  • Dimoncy


    2:02 not a poker face :))
  • vins12


    just lol.
  • Yau1111


    I guess Ivey raised to 350 instead 200
    cause pot increased on 350, not to mention that it's just ridiculous to raise 200 on 150 bet
  • wasisdalos


    just lol @ iveys raise....so senseless
  • shaloine


    ivey doesn't care, he plays with full tilt money
  • xBullkax


    чуешь что опп блефует - иди ва-банк))
  • Gerovit


    why lol@Ivey' raise? It was good raise
  • giangfx


    when Ivey raised, why Glenne did'nt think that Ivey had a pair of K or anything higher than him ?
  • Tim64


    Ivey's raise is a classic raise for information. I dont mind the shove by Glenne. How strong can Ivey be when he completes pre? So he cant have any really big Kx hands and if he levels himself into calling with 55-77 or A8s or w/e then the shove is perfect.
  • jimmy99x


    Glenn was not suppose to say what he has .
  • RGOD2


    Great Play By Both
  • Benrenc380


    Good play and thinking about ivey's hand.but i think i wouldnt be that brave to risk it :D