Fl $1/2 SH

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Comments (25)

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  • esevo


    19:00 you folded the nuts
  • esevo


    althought it is a nice video and nice explanation
  • Reverand221


    i imagine what the others must have thought, when he wrote "i folded KK" in the chat xD

    anyways, i like the video.
  • gape0000


    gotta love the silence moment when he showed set of jacks ;) woooow
  • gape0000


    btw getting 13:1 odds for set on that hand its really close but i admire your discipline to fold , i think i cant fold that even if it looks like im behind :/

    Oh and another thing i saw: u had about 20 hands on that guy so wouldnt u agree his river af. at that sample size is not to be taken too serious?

  • gape0000


    regarding the T5s hand do u 3-bet the flop for value? i just dont see us often ahead since there is a raiser after you and 2 cold callers ?!

    and since we dont get anyone to fold with 3bet and alot of turn cards could be bad for us ,inflating flop seems to me a bit overplayed , would like to hear your opinion
  • Kruppe


    if folding kings full normal in FL?
  • fermion314


    #5 not set, FH. the 2 paired up
  • gape0000


    omg i didnt saw that thats too funny haha
  • miskokvo


    why u didint have set up showing amout of bet?
  • miskokvo


    god im stupid it is limit :D :D
  • miskokvo


    and im stupid even more coz in pokerstars it is showen in caling button... god hard night don beat me :D
  • G1lius


    on 39 min. I would just 2nd barrel the A7, since you don't need much fold equity due to the openender...

    I don't really like the video that much, mostly for the fact you are talking 3-4 minutes about a hand you misread, making you fold the 2nd nuts.
  • alejandrosh


    i liked the video, too bad about the misread, it proves coaches can misread a hand too.
  • TerrorBlade


    Seeing the 2nd nut full house show and I had the nuts wow wow wow wow I can't believe I folded that. Im so sorry guys :(
  • TerrorBlade


    Also G1lius I agree about that 39min hand, but can we just pretend that the board didn't pair, cause it's an interesting situation anyway ie. it's kinda irrelevant that I didn't notice, and the discussion is valid if it was another diamond
  • mishuq


    so....do we get a discution in the forum about the pocket KK hand ? :D did terrorblade dodge another monster or was it just a missread hand (he didn't notice the two 2s on the table) ?
  • TerrorBlade


    Of course I didn't notice the river double up. What sane person would fold the nut full house? Well maybe I'm not the best example being insane and all.... I HAD A FEELING HE HAD QUADS!!@!@! lol

    We should have a video discussion forum but we are lacking it for some reason....post it in my blog if ya want
  • theBliTz


    you didn't see the board pair and thought he had quads? with what? sorry, you fail...and even if so, you can't fold to a river raise because he would play the nut or 2nd nut flush the same...
  • TerrorBlade


    Sorry blitz shoulda put /sarcasm before my quads comment, I thought the @s were enough to give it away =x I thought I had a set on the river when indeed I had a FH (i didn't realise the board paired with the rivered 4-flush) and I played bet/fold against a passive opponent.
  • mouse89


  • Jonaton


    As I know you are a much better player than I, I should probably keep my mouth shut but this video should be called "do not play like this".
  • DaveX77


    I like the video and your comments. I just think that 4 tables are a little bit too much for Limit SH live session.
  • Pairdrawer65


    lol @ 19:25 fold hij de 2nd nuts
  • smartass


    nice fold on 19:40 with nuts KKK22 :>