Omaha: Deepstack Play

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $5000
  • Shorthanded
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PLO Nosebleed star JensKyllonen takes us out of the marginal spots and small pots to hit a deepstack PLO 5k shorthanded table. Watch and learn!


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Comments (13)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • weickenmeier


    i would love to see some liveplay from you!
  • LuckOnHoldem


    at min 13.
    What do you think about raising small your AAK7 to like 1.7k? The reason beeing that EVA might shove his stack in because he is like never folding and the 80VPIP fish would call his shove anyways. Than you could raise pot and comitting yourself. Do you think its just to likely that EVA was not going to raise at all but always to call and see a flop?
  • Zivilist


    nice video!
    i would really like to see you play a live-session with 100+bb stacks next time. that would be really great!

    Keep the good work up!
  • Jordanmvp4ever


    this video is so much better than the first ones ... go on like this
  • Dodadodadodada


    Min: 15:00 AAK7o on Ts5h3h. What u think exactly about his range? How frequently does he check/raise there? But i like bet/folding as well.

    This video is very good, liked it much more than shallow because of turn + river plays.
    Live-Video would be cool too. 2-3 tables PLO1k+ or something.
  • JensKyllonen


    Luckonholdem, your suggestion is ok, but the reason I like the play I made more is I think EVA is almost as likely to shove his stack in this way also, and if I did put in a small reraise I would definitely announce I have AAxx, with this crappy aces that would be very dangerous, while just flatting he will put me on everything else except aces.
    dodaddada.... What I thought about his range before I made the bet was that it was very weak, and almost always chk/folding. After the chk/raise I have to adjust to him taking some trickier lines like that and can even have monsters like sets played like that.
  • LoveWrecked


    nice video i really liked how u played the last hand
    i also would like to see a live session 2 or 3 tabling deepstacked
  • Kyyberi


    I like this format a lot more, where you have hands from certain type of play. If you have shallow, normal and deep hands mixed together, it becomes really hard to watch.
  • keevo


    awesome video. enjoyed it a lot
  • kingpowl


  • gabrielmoya


    please Jens release more videos you are the best in the world
  • Gladi3


    what is the plan if the turn bet gets raised (with holding: kkt6)??