Razz Midstakes Review with RainmanTrail

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Our Razz expert Rainmaintrail comes up with his new Razz video. He´s reviewing a 30/60 Session which he played on Pokerstars.


PokerStars Razz Session Review

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  • blonytair


  • RainmanTrail


    second :)
  • taschendamenfalter


    nice vid RainmanTrail,
    even though i have'nt got the bankroll for the limits (yet :)) some very good aspects/lines to think about on lower limits too.
    thx to ps for releasing it before i dropped down to gold :)
  • mbml


    nice video, really learnt a lot
  • MarcPS


    another great video. I learned a lot as well - tytyty :)
  • MarcPS


    actually, @21:25, is there any value in bet-folding as a bluff when MrsWheaties catches a 6? I think we pick the pot up a decent amount of the time. Of course, as it happens, we will always pick the pot up when it goes good to us and bad to them on 6th, but maybe we can win it one street earlier?
  • RainmanTrail


    @6 no, this bluff would be too expensive. It is really a parlay of sorts. First off, we have the worst board of the 3 players showing AND the worst draw showing (85 draw vs 73 & 6A draws). We are assuming (perhaps just hoping) that the 37J has a card worse than an 8 down, but that doesn't mean he'll fold here. Furthermore, the AK6 3 reraised on 3rd street and there were no dead 6s, so we are going to get reraised here by the AK6 an aweful lot, in which case we would have to fold. But a lot of players will even fight through two bricks here against our board of 885. Especially in a big pot. Our best chance at taking this pot down is to give up and hope to outdraw both players on 6th if the AK6 paired on 5th and checks it through.