3-Bet pots: In & Out of position - Part 1

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Leatherass brings us a new series with a theory & handhistory review mixture on the optimal plays for three bet pots, in & out of position.


3bet bluff Contibet series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • DigiChaos


    great content
  • kacsa1st


    useful vid! i like it! wait for the next one :)
  • fishwonderbra


    eine deutsche Übersetzung wäre nice
  • andreimgs


    Great video. Hope that the next one will up soon.
  • z1pz0r


    Your videos are nuts! <3
  • zhenweida


  • Fox128


    I absolutely love your videos!
  • pwnadine


  • JimmyChances


    I'm going through a rough time at the tables. What you said at the end of the video was inspiring. Can't wait for the next installment of this 3bet series of videos. It's so tough playing these aggy 3 bettors. Great video.
  • JimmyChances


    I hate it when you're at the tables, then all of a sudden it seems every preflop raise is met by a 3bet. When you finally look someone up they have AA. But your right, its easy to lose your emotions against this onslaught.
  • Pascal


    we are on it
  • thureakamagic


    how do you balance your flopraises on dry boards with low pairs? do you ever raise, for example, KQ on a 26K flop tp balance your bluffs ?
  • Falco35


    Really goob job! Thx for vid!
  • Falco35


    lol...these clowns..


    translated into Russian plz
  • Farmarchist


    making fun @ Lederer and Bloch :D, like it! :)
  • smaster


    Very nice video! Keep up the good work!
  • Maniatrix


    A PS video with perfect English! It's a mircale! :D
  • DanielK


    @16 : we are working on russian translation ;)
  • huninja1


    good work
  • Maniatrix


    Yes, because it is completely useless to learn English in 2011...
  • pomurz


    I wonder if polish section is working on translation too :P
  • Leatherass9


    Thanks everyone! I think the series went well overall. I think the next 2 videos in this series will hopefully be as good or better than this one. To talk about 3 bet pots for about 3 hours in total is sure a lot of content on one subject, but it seems to be such a challenging part of the game for so many people that I felt that a series on just this one topic would prove to be beneficial for those willing to listen through the whole thing. Anyway, thanks again!
  • Leatherass9


    In regards to comment #13, yes I do balance raising those types of flops when I do have a hand as well. I don't always necessarily raise in those spots, but I do it from time to time depending on the opponent and the history we may have.
  • pimpas


    I'm also rly curious about bluffraising balance on those boards?
    Is is generally worth of considering play to raise ip in 3 bet pot KQ on 2K6
    to rep air and expect to be faced with all in with quite a wide range??
  • pimpas


    I've been watching a video and haven't refreshed
  • Tim64


    Excellent, clear explanations. Much obliged, Sir.
  • Tok99


    my english is bad, so german translation pls :D

    at which time will be part 2 with more examples released?


  • Leatherass9


    While I agree that balance is often important, a lot of the time you don't need to concern yourself with that. For example, If you bluff raise someone on a k26 flop after they 3 bet you because you think they are on air so much, unless you think your opponent will start to jam over the top with air, then really why is balance important? I think the concept of balance has been a impediment to so many people's games. Granted, if you are playing Durrrr, balance is going to be important in those spots. But when your average player who likes to 3 bet too much from the blinds bets into you on these boards and you raise them, are they really jamming air here? I personally don't think so. If you start to think your opponent will jam air there, then of course you need to adjust yourself, but the vast majority of players will just fold their Ax and 98s type of hands when you raise them on these boards. Remember, balance is only important if you think your opponent will actually do something about it. I would much rather just bluff raise them all day long in these spots and when they adjust, then maybe I will reconsider my line against them, but not until that point.
  • Leatherass9


    Pimpas, it is not so much that I expect them to shove air, but our kicker in this spot is really good considering they are 3 betting lots of kxs types of hands and might think you are on air and call and then call down with a hand like 99-QQ. If the dynamic is right, then perhaps I am also raising here to get jammed on by air as well.
  • fishwonderbra


    @12 super, thx!
  • yomatiyo


    Tom Dwan (L)

    he doesnt fold neader to 4bets (L)

    "Lederer is horrible terrible"

  • Spontann



    Ty for wideo, its nice YOu made video about this subject coz its so importand to play profitably in 3bet pots.

    I have few question about hand You show in this wideo.

    What if in this hands on the turn show off 2club or 8 club and villan 2nd barrel 2/3 pot and You expect that most of the time he gonna shove river? I know its hard to fold but im not sure if its profitable to call and on 2 or 8 of spade play fold on shove and what You doing if he check river on blank ? r You trying to steal pot - if yes what sizing? AI or smaller? or just give up?

    What if You have KQ and its c/c , check - You check back coz now You got 2nd pair(let say no FD for YOu) and opponent bet 2/3 pot on blank like 2 spade river?

    What If You dont have BD flush, i guess its still easy float, right?

    Last situation :) What about this 76s let say You r playing it vs reg with smillar calling range and smillary playing like You. would YOu 2nd barrel(underbet flop/fold to raise? Or call raise and fit or fold for flush with good odds? And after small 2 nd barrel overbet jam any river? wouldn’t it look too bluffy? Or normal size bet and jam any river - I usually give up on river but its importand to shove also air because i look so strong like AK AT QJ KK TT and i can fold like AJ Ax with is calling on 2 street most of time? I couldnt understand from movie.

    Sry for so many question and Ty for answer :)
  • ric0tjuh24


    totally agree on the part where H. lederer == clown. lol
  • RonaldoNazario09


    I really enjoyed the video. Good work :D
  • Sommersommer


    Thanks. This will improve my game.
  • cozacu


    This video is just pure gold! Ty leatherass
  • Raknyo


    You've given me a lot to think about, thank you.
  • misspookie


    enjoy floating with pocket 5s on j T 8 with 2 hearts.
  • misspookie


    K 2 6 flop why would you raise? It hits his range more then yours in a generalized range and its not a believable flop raise cause your not defending with 22-66 unless your deep. I like floating better. Then if he checks turn you cna fire and still rep a lot of strong hands and you have more information on the turn to figure out if you want to bluff or not.