Are you drawing outside the lines?

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JonathanLittle brings us an episode of selected hands from large buy-in MTT's where the concepts and actions behind drawing hands are explored and discussed.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • ihufa


    Absolutely sick title
  • ihufa


    6:45 the T7s i don't think a shove can be good, he never has an overpair and very rarely a 6. He does have a ton of A hi and flushes tho. Ur pretty much losing ur stack to the flushes and forcing him to fold the hands u beat anyways. The range u assign him doesn't seem realistic to me (u say lots of nutty hands like overpairs and 6s and maybe straights).
  • EuanM


    Thanks ihufa! ^^
  • nicopoker90


    nice video !
  • paulsb92


    I like the way you explain every hand!
  • brunooooo19


    Nice videos!
  • Devinco


    good video!
  • hugabor26


    @13:43 76s: if villain calls over 2 streets he can have J or K and with this K river he can think that you have no K, so he can call your bet with J easily, or not?
  • geoelt


    rly dont get the 76s hand, do you rly see Js in his range that he called twice and than fold on the river when the probably best card for his J comes that doesnt improve him? i dont think i could have a J in his shoes which i'm folding in this spot... betting against draws does obv. make sense, but i think he'll never ever fold a J
  • JonathanLittle


    With the T7s, I think he will call the river with slowplayed 6s and maybe overpairs, which I do think are in his range from time to time. Obviously he is going to have air most of the time. It is probably close between a push and call. I could be swayed either way.

    On the 76 hand, I agree some players will always call down with a J but some dont get the concept that the value of a J goes up when another K comes. Also, some people just assume you must have the nuts when you bet 3 times. As I stated though, betting here is pretty mandatory to get him off the better draws.
  • xSkyline


    The last hand with T9s you gave the SB a 10%-11% calling range. Does't that mean he's only gonna call 10%-11% of the time instead of 40% ?
  • xSkyline


    love your videos btw.
  • xSkyline


    oh, and I mean the BB not SB
  • serban001


    10% x4pl. = 40%
  • Mark1790


    Great video.
  • bonebt


    @#3 about T7s 6:45, i like to add that i prefer shoving on river b/c:
    - we dont show our hand (villains dont get info that we r opening very wide from LP)

    - i think is realistic to think that villain can have sometimes slow played PP pre and on flop (but tbh I don't think that he will call very often our shove on river as played),

    or 6xs(a6/67s/65s) and that he will call off with on river

    - also i dont think that villain has a lot of better FD in his range cos imo he will c/rai or c/r get it in on flop/turn most of the time with that kind of a hand and those stack sizes
  • driverunibet


    nice video