Maniac at SSNL - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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mbml explores the mindset behind the unknown players at NL100 PokerStars. mbml will go out of his way to create marginal spots for analysis and discussion and will use a loose and aggro style to push an edge over his opponents in marginal spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (22)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • fiskzero


    cuts off at aruond 10 min
  • fiskzero


    sry maybe it was just me working agien at least
  • smilynick


    8:40 4th table
    a man with 13/13 makes a call of your 3bet and calls on turn. Value bet for JJ and QQ? from a man who made 3bet and checked flop. You make hands better to call at least and hands worse to fold, I think.
  • Saruniks


    doesn't work
  • Maniatrix


    System error here too...
  • hatakiri


  • vanjariga


    jest ff a bit and it works...
  • matusko


    hi mbml,
    Liked the vid, looking fwd to part 2. Just wondering-the last hand you have AQ 120bb deep, do you rly think its better to call from the small blind then to 3bet/fold? He can call your 3bet wider since you are deeper. If this was BU vs CO would you 3bet and call his 4bet ip with dynamic? I just feel you are kinda wasting the image you have built by just calling. I know you havent been attacking that particular guy, but he is going to see your stats at least. Also if you think he is going to 4bet light and polarized then what do you think about min5bet/folding?
  • mbml


    #4: yes, QQ/JJ might call. I really did not expect him to have hands like KJ and KQ cos most tight players fold them vs the 3bet. in future i will make the necessary adjustments vs him (i.e. not 3bet him with crap cos he's calling wide)

    #9: Generally when stacks are deep you dont want to be 3betting so much. 3b/f seems quite bad but might be good if I think he calls a lot and rarely 4bets. Can't really rmb my thought process for this hand.

    I just think it's a waste to turn a hand as strong as AQ into a bluff, i wouldn't mind turning some other weaker hands into bluffs.
  • autheking


    can this me silver? please please
  • Maniatrix


    Can me englandish?
  • autheking


    #11, I meant, "can this BE silver? please please".
    searching for delete comment...
  • yomatiyo


    Min 5:00, why not raising the river? he has to fold everything and we can potencionaly play a flush this way. Anyway we line is not so consistent, he will have a bluffcatch whit all his range in a very scary board.
    Good players are gonna call cause they now we will almost allways beting the flush in the turn, but he?...

    Min 9:00, thy we fold 8To in the BU whit a fish in BB?

    Min 22:00, I think he will very often chbh whit a lot of better hands te river, so way not donking really big? maybe pot or maybe just shove donk the river, so he cant ever call whit his doubles? I like the ch/r of course.. but I belive he will very often chbh whiut a better hand, but never ever calling whit that kind of hands.
  • yomatiyo


    Great vid as allways
  • MathhNes


    QT hand when you overbet 15:00 you only win 10 since you split when he folds, so you risk 33 to win 43
  • mbml


    5:00 - You just answered your own question. when i cant rep anything i shouldn't bluff. its as simple as that.

    9:00 - Can't find the hand you are talking about. If you talk about me open folding then it's bad. if you are asking me to coldcall with T8o, then that wouldn't be profitable.

    22:00 - i don't know what u are referring to again
  • mbml


    @16: yes I forgot to take into account the times he checks and we chop
  • Dodozz


    good video
  • rulaZ


    first hand QJ: why not betting the turn? u said there is no value in betting cos there are no worse hands that can call. what about 9c9x,TcTx,JcJx or maybe even the Ace of clubs allthough i think he would be more in client to bet without a draw i wouldnt necessarily exclude it.
    so your reasoning behind checking back might be not to get checkraised but this is no argument because your are investing one bet anyway on the river if no club comes.
    of course u can argue for a checkback vs a very aggressive opponent who might c/r with air or bluff the river but here i dont see him bluffing the river very often -> i think betting is way better!
  • rulaZ


    bet without a made hand*
  • jozata


    #20 +1
    Imao betting the turn min 5:00 would be the better play.