NL Beginners Course with veriz - Lesson 3

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This is the recorded video of the Beginners Course Coaching Lesson #3 by veriz. Have you missed the coaching? Just watch this podcast.


Beginners Course Coaching podcast Theory Video

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  • DanielK


    Have fun with Week 3 of our Pokerschool :)
  • LX4DR


    sick ^^
  • donkey71


    excellent vid as usual thx!
  • BillyTheGoat


    Uhmm, where is the excel sheet being posted? I would like to have it.
  • veriz


    Well, you can find the link in Coaching feedback thread. :) Usually all that kind of stuff goes there.

    Any comments are welcome also there.
  • Harnas31


    Worth seeing
    Implied odds and putting on ranges.
  • asterixobelix2012


    Hi, Veriz, great coaching session but I think there's a mistake in your excel sheet. For example at 12:43 you see that the odds are 2.57 and the Odds% is 39%, where you take the reciprocal of odds and get the percentage. However shouldn't the percentage be 28% because 2.57:1 odds means 2.57 against and 1 for. total cases 3.57 and percentage would be 1/3.57 which equals 28%.
  • veriz


    Nope,what you are talking about is Equity Calculation but we are talking about Implied odds. For example in our case 50% would be ~0,555. So from here we can already see that 0,44 is too near to 0,555 which can never be 28%.

    So if we take math here

    0,555 - 50%
    0,440 - x%

    X = ~39%
  • rogervieri


    can you please post a link to the coaching feedback?? I would like to download the excel sheet aswell please!!
  • elitetroop


    Very Very helpful.
    Thank you veriz.
  • Erevos


    I admire the patience and kindness of this person. Gj Veriz!
  • Th334


    01:27:00, Something is definitely screwed with the pot calculations. I thought that you got it wrong, but turns out that the poker room itself got it wrong (what?) as well, giving a third totally different answer.

    For me on flop the pot is (since we have a smaller stack, HU, and shove) = our remaining stack x2 (i.e. $5.65 x 2) plus the pot from preflop ($2.35). All in all it will be $13.65.

    Your answer is $19.65 for reason I cannot understand.

    The poker room says that the final pot (including 2nd pot with villains remaining stack) is $22.58. Because we had only $5.65, the 2nd pot is $11.58 (villains shove) minus $5.65 (our stack) = $5.93. So we subtract the 2nd pot from the main pot: $22.58 - $5.93 = $16.65 --> the final pot.

    Ta-dam! I say $13,65, poker room says $16,65, and you say $19,65. If someone just made up the hand history, I kinda wasted perhaps an hour trying to figure it out and type this message :)

    Oh yeah, why it matters, because our needed equity will be different, obviously.

    This aside, I found the coaching very useful!
  • Th334


    And you do not call $5,65, because you already invested $3 before. You call $2,65. Total mess :)
  • nutural


    great eye opener...good job veriz
  • dgdwe


    Great video, thank you for posting it, but I wanna ask where is the excell sheet beign posted? I wanna have it too.