Maniac at SSNL - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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mbml explores the mindset behind the unknown players at NL100 PokerStars. mbml will go out of his way to create marginal spots for analysis and discussion and will use a loose and aggro style to push an edge over his opponents in marginal spots.


PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (13)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • yomatiyo


  • tckb


    mbml is my idol...
  • duder1n0


    thank you, great stuff again. really liked the detailed explonations on some hands and situations, it inspires and helps me to analyse my own play and the tough spots i get into...
  • zaboo


    @4 +1

    Good stuff and good luck on NL1K and NL2K !
  • wilsonlok


    like a baws
  • TeldFTP


    Great video!
  • Dodozz


    perfect video, i enjoy your videos so much!
  • 1984ioc


    Great video mbml,really enjoyed it but more importantly it was very useful for me and great explanations to your choices as well
  • apopt


    What whould you do @ 11:00 after your min5b oop w/ KK if there was an ace on the flop?
  • jozata


    Good video. Especially liked the BBvsUTG 3bet range explainations and the reasoning behind them.
  • hrrrk


    I like when he makes calculations in notepad at 18:00 and makes HARDLY ANY RIGHT CALCULATION.

    AdTs vs Villain Range on JhKhKc board:
    77-TT (24) -> right 21
    KJs (4, then refined with 3???) -> right 2
    KQ (9???) -> right 8
    AK (6/12) -> right 3/6, 3 if villain calls him half of the times as he explains.

    Still that does not prevent him either from beating the game or making videos for pokerstrategy.
  • kokos99sd


    hrrk : stop insulting moron and rather watch it again...