NL Beginners Course - Lesson 4: Multitabling, stop-loss, software & statistics

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Hasenbraten brings us part four of the NL Beginners Course and takes us through the importance & impact of the various concepts mentioned in the headline.


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  • Strongsl


  • spid3rix


    I loved the tilt part! :) Especially the solutions against tilt like the one with the girlfriend :)
  • Chromehead


    thanks for the video. :-) the bit about multitabling was very useful.
  • fishlock


    good introduction to stats, going to set mine up the same, thanks
  • comemoar


    the " bang your girlfriend " part is awesome
  • Maniatrix


    Being on tilt kind of ruin the ability to pick up chicks, so no...
  • churchilland


    thank you thank you for introduction to stats. I was looking info about them for long time cause it was really anoying to play and not to know what those number means, but now I KNOW THANKS xxx
  • asterixobelix2012


    I think AF(Aggressive Factor) is also a very important stat. Helps me know if the other guy will be aggressive post flop. Also helps me know who I can slow play against.